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Looking Way Too Much Into the CU Roster

One of the things you learn when you deal with rosters and player weight/size is that many people can get very imaginative in what they put down on a the sheet of paper. Let's just say you always round up. If you are 6' 1.2", you are 6'2". If you are 292 pounds, why not just list you at 300 right? "It is a couple cheeseburgers away." But when you have 48 plus days until the start of spring practice, this is the type of things you look at when you have time to spare and a blog to write. Let's face gets you excited or it gets you scratching your head thinking "why would so-and-so be losing weight?" As most of you are probably aware of, the University updated their 2009 - 2010 football roster recently. The most shocking thing was Ray Polk, a highly recruited running back who redshirted last year, was listed as a safety, something that makes me excited because this Buffs team needs all the athletes it can get on the field and Polk is one of those athletes. Safety is a need position for the Buffs and a move there by Polk would make sense as to why the Buffs did not get a bona fide safety in the recruiting process. I love the move.

Player weights were also updated and their are a few players that have either lost or gained weight from the last updated on the 2008 roster. Below is a table of players who were the biggest movers in size:


Biggest Losers
No. Name Pos. 2009 Weight 2008 Weight Difference Yr. Exp.
64   Iltis, Mike OG 275 310 -35 So. VR
2   Scott, Darrell TB 200 225 -25 So. 1L
69   Lawson, Eric DT 260 280 -20 Jr. 1L
97   Kaynor, Taj DT 265 280 -15 Sr. 2L
21   McKnight, Scotty WR 180 190 -10 Jr. 2L
22   Jaffee, Arthur TB 195 205 -10 So. VR
22   Meyer, Matt S 185 195 -10 So. VR
26   Polk, Ray S 190 200 -10 RFr. RS
55   Tuioti-Mariner, Maxwell OG 305 315 -10 Fr. 1L
56   Stevens, Keenan C 285 295 -10 Jr. VR
57   Sergent, Guy LB 210 220 -10 RFr. RS
63   Adkins, Ethan OT 300 310 -10 So. VR
68   Daniels, Shawn OG 280 290 -10 So. 1L
71   Bahr, Matthew OT 275 285 -10 So. 1L
72   Head, Devin OG 295 305 -10 Sr. 3L
81   Walters, Luke TE 230 240 -10 Sr. TR
90   Herrod, Marquez DE 265 275 -10 Jr. 2L
Biggest Gainers
74   Eastburn, Evan C 290 285 5 Jr. TR
79   Tau, Sione OT 330 325 5 So. VR
83   Pericak, Will DE 265 260 5 RFr. RS
88   Shanahan, Devin TE 245 240 5 Sr. 1L
93   Obi, Conrad DE 265 260 5 So. 1L
99   Sale, Tyler DT 275 270 5 Sr. VR
1   Smith, Josh WR 190 180 10 Jr. 2L
15   Blackmon, Chance WR 185 175 10 RFr. RS
39   Burgner, Matt FB 230 220 10 Jr. TR
96   Shields, Lagrone DE 270 260 10 So. 1L
55   Hartigan, Josh OLB 220 205 15 So. 1L
77   Givens, Bryce OG 275 250 25 RFr. RS

Some good things to talk about here. First of all, a couple players who are not on this list is Michael Sipili and Marcus Burton, who are at 260 pounds right now. I would think those two guys are possible linebackers on the outside looking in at starting spots and I wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing them getting a big look at rush end like Brad Jones played last year but in a more permanent three point stance situation.

I do have to say that their are some good things to note from the table above. First of all, if Darrell Scott is 200 pounds, watch out. He talked all year last year about getting down to 200 - 205 pounds to be able to see that 4.4 - 4.5 speed, something that was missing especially in long runs against Iowa State and Texas A&M last year. I know their are people out there saying that he might be a bust but it is not going to be. He will dominate this year behind a line that should be strong. The 200 pound Darrell Scott is the guy we signed up for and it is going to be a blast to watch him and Speedy Stewart roll next year.

Then there is OL Bryce Givens, who was a redshirt last year and also injured with concussions. He has apparently put on 25 pounds (something we have heard in the past) and should be ready to really compete for a spot on the line. He was impressive last fall as well but due to his slender frame, he needed to add weight and he has done that. If he can stay healthy and away from the horrible concussion issue, he has the ability to be a special player.

OL Mike Iltis is still recovering from a season ending injury last year. We should see his weight continue to move up to that 290 range when fall practice starts. I also expect Iltis to compete for the starting center spot. WR Chance Blackmon is also making a big move for playing time by getting up to 185 pounds. If he can get to 190 or 195 like was rumored earlier, he could be a big surprise next year.

Some of the linemen, especially on the defensive side, have lost a little weight that might have a few people scratching their head but offseason conditioning, especially in the winter, will make some of those guys lose weight. They will add more back over the summer and we shouldn't see any major drop offs.