Kyle Ringo of the BDC Chat - Tons of Good Information, Ringo Is Telling It Like It Is

Regarding Darrell Scott: I've heard that he has had communication of some sort with CU coaches and that there might be a slim chance that he will return to the program. But I have also heard he is considering going to Arizona. Very uncertain at this point On the mismanagement of the Hawkins situation: Of course it's hurting. How could it not hurt? That's why it was completely foolish to handle the situation the way it was handled. If they were going to keep Hawkins, they should have came out and said so at midseason and been done with it then, so it would be much less of an issue now. Instead they managed to get every last drop of negative press they could and just at the last moment, they found a way to get even more of it. It's an absolute disaster and a clinic in how to mismanage the situation. ...But that is what happens when you have someone swoop in from on high and micromanage a situation for political reasons. A total dropping of the ball. On Colorado's mediocre recruiting effort so far: Far below mediocre? Sure. define it anyway you want. When you're ranked in the 60s and 70s in recruiting and you play in the Big 12 Conference, you're not getting the job done. You're Baylor. Teams like Boise State can be in the 60s and 70s every year because they only have to beat a couple teams every season and smash the cupcakes on the rest of the schedule and they can win their conference and go to a decent bowl or even rise up to the BCS bowls. Different deal at a BCS school On the real reason Hawkins was retained: This is the problem with "the real story." No one who allegedly has proof of what happened or was involved in what happened wants to talk about it. I have tried to get boosters to talk to me about it with no success so far. Mike Bohn has turned down an interview request and says he won't be discussing the topic any more and is working toward the future. So unless someone out there decides to grow a pair and stand up tell the truth, we will probably never know. ...Having said all of that, some of my sources who I trust have told me that president Benson refused to allow the firing and buyout because it would have caused political problems with his lobbying efforts at the Legislature. So Hawkins was retained