Gary Barnett and Mike Bohn to Be Interviewed on 104.3 The Fan

UPDATE - HERE IS THE PODCAST FOR THE GARY BARNETT INTERVIEW - IT IS A MUST LISTEN TO Here is Gary Barnett's portion of the interview: This is a very rough summary of what was said, but it was huge: -why were you terminated at Colorado:"some of this is a little speculation but when you get a new AD (Mike Bohn) who was put in place by people who were not in your corner it made the situation difficult. It came down to the Texas game and since that went bad, they fired me (because the AD and other people within the administration were not in my corner). AD (Mike Bohn) said before the Iowa State game that they were going to bring us back (in 2006). Texas game was a cover for the powers that be, including Mike Bohn, as the excuse they needed to fire me. There were people in power that didn't like me that wanted me fired. "The AD was put in place by two guys who I know were never in my corner and those two have hurt me professionally." The Texas game was their opportunity to fire me. I wasn't fired because of the scandal or they wouldn't have had to pay me any money." On Hawkins saying it was burned to the ground - "first thing I said, he was coming off a loss and he probably was saying things that he wished he hadn't said." "But I have to ask him what he meant by that after hearing it again." "Hawkins said no one was left and that he had to rebuild things everywhere but he is the one that ran off the trainer, ran off the director of operations, ran off the best strength & conditioning coach I have ever been he did have to hire new people because he ran many people off." "Saying it was a burned down deal was a stretch" "Of course I would." - He would accept the job if he was offered it again. "Jeremy Maclin was a silent commit in 2006 and Maurice Jones Drew was committed until Eric Bieniemy left. Maclin obviously didn't sign because we were fired." "When you start pointing at things that keep you from winning, you aren't pointing the finger in the right direction." "We haven't had a strong president at University of Colorado since (Alfred Williams) was at school" "I think Hawkins has to do many things at Colorado that he didn't have to do at Boise. For example, addressing academics: When I look at coach Hawkins time period, I could probably count 20 guys that have become academically enigible and guys who signed that didn't make it into school because of test scores." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE - HERE IS MIKE BOHN'S INTERVIEW - it is not a must listen Here is Mike Bohn's portion of the interview: -"Money was not the deciding factor on bringing Dan Hawkins back" -On announcing Hawkins return on Thanksgiving - "we needed to end the speculation." - Was this a directive from Phil DiStefano to keep Dan Hawkins or was this your decision: "we collaborated to make a unified decision. That model has served us well in the past and we will continue to use that model and that sense of teamwork." -On what Barnett said that he was fired because they didn't have a winning enough program: "I am not going to get into that scenario, we are going to look forward, not the look in the rear view mirror." Why is their such a disconnect or why is a refocus needed after four years - "we need to emphasize competitiveness" Why was standard of winning for Gary Barnett there and not for Dan Hawkins as Barnett stated in his interview- "I am not going to get into all that and look into the rearview mirror" On the University of Colorado being burned to the ground: "Dan didn't mean to offend anyone and wanted to articulate a point of things that need to be improved on" "too many people are focused on every single word that comes out of Mike Bohn's mouth, Dan Hawkins mouth, Alfred Williams mouth, etc. need to re-focus on our objective" What do we need to do so we don't need to have these tense ass conversations, what do we need to do for you: "we a have a divided fan base and we need to reunite" What are we to expect out of our head coach for wins and losses and communcating with our community, seems like a lot of double talk (for example, in reference to Dan saying earlier that he didn't think it was a mistake for Cody to come to Colorado and now saying it is a mistake)- "not sure what you mean by that" "We are working hard with Dan on his communication strategies" Put a win number on this next season: "I don't think it's appropriate to put a number on next season." Alfred said it has been the most frustrating time as a fan watching the program in its current state.