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Q&A with the Texas A&M Aggies Blog, I Am the 12th Man

The Ralphie Report recently sat down with I Am the 12th Man to get some Aggie perspective on tomorrow's match up, a game that is extremely important for both teams.  

You can see our answers hereQ&A With The Ralphie Report

The Ralphie ReportUp until Dan Hawkins meltdown a few weeks ago, Mike Sherman's seat was the warmest in the conference. At this point in the season how does Aggie Nation feel about the Head Coach?  Starting to feel a little more comfortable or still worried that this may not be the man for the job?

I Am The 12th ManI don't agree that he has ever been on the hot seat this year, simply because he has a guaranteed contract for seven years, and we weren't going to fire him after only two seasons. However, the Kansas State game did make everyone step back and say 'what the hell?', because it was the first game we hadn't shown some type of improvement. On the contrary, it looked like we had taken a huge step back, and that really made a lot of people mad. The win over Tech changed all that, because we actually showed massive improvement on the offensive line in that game, a weakness for our team going back to last season. Add in he fact that we hadn't beaten Tech in Lubbock since 1993, and it was a nice surprise to win that game in such dominating fashion after the inexplicable loss to Kansas State.

I think the fanbase is firmly behind Sherman, mainly because right now we are doing what young teams are supposed to do, which is show improvement every game.

The Ralphie ReportOutside of Jerrod Johnson, who needs to step up on offense in order for the Aggies to win? (As an Allen grad, I hope you say Uzoma).

I Am The 12th ManIf we can get Uzoma Nwachukwu and Jeff Fuller going in the passing game, and Christine Michael and Cyrus Gray moving the ball on the ground, we should score points and we should win the game. The better we are able to run the ball, the easier things are for Jerrod Johnson, and when things are easy for Jerrod, our offense hums along like a machine.

The Ralphie ReportWe have a very "special" kind of love for Von Miller here in Colorado.  I heard that he recently mentioned that he will explore entering the draft next year. What are his NFL prospects looking like at this point in time?

I Am The 12th ManI'm not a scout, but I think he is one of those guys who can have a good combine and really move up in the draft. I think he may be looked at as a tweener because of his size, but I can see a 3-4 team taking him as an outside linebacker. I could see him going anywhere from as high as the first round to as low as the fourth round; just depends on his combine workouts.

The Ralphie ReportHow many people are expected to attend the game this weekend? I've been to College Station many, many times and I don't think you could find a place more different from Boulder. Are the Aggies fans going to enjoy the culture shock?

I Am The 12th Man have no idea how many will travel to Boulder, I'd guess a few thousand. It isn't the culuture shock that would get most Aggies (y'all have beer, we like beer), it is the fact that we seem to struggle playing in Boulder.. People don't like to travel somewhere and then see their team play poorly..

The Ralphie ReportThe Aggies win the game if...?     The Buffaloes win the game if...?

I Am The 12th Man Aggies win if we can establish our running game, which means our passing game will move the ball, and our offense will be executing, and we'll score. If we can get a turnover or two on defense, that would be nice.

Colorado wins if they can establish their running game, and keep our offense in check. If it is a close game in the fourth quarter, and y'all have been running the ball all day, int he thin air of Boulder, y'all have a good chance to pull the upset.

The Ralphie ReportFinal score prediction?

 I Am The 12th Man A&M 28  CU 16