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Colorado's Press Release Insults Our Intelligence, Continues to Show Goal Is Not to Win

I understand the need to move on. Nothing we can about this now, we are in it for another year with this regime and that is just the way it is. But the press release issued by the University of Colorado is insulting to our intelligence. Many of you will probably ask, "what did you want them to say?" If they felt a need to say something about the situation, just come out and say Dan Hawkins is our head coach for 2010 and leave it at that, especially if this was just a financial decision. There is no defending why he is coming back so don't try and sell me that Dan Hawkins has been "competitive." Dan Hawkins is the first coach in Colorado history to have four losing seasons to start his term. I am just glad they didn't say "we see progress" or I would have flipped a lid. Here is what has me scratching my head:

"Dan represents the university's values on and off the field, and his team has been competitive this year," Phil DiStefano continued. "He has done all that we have asked him to do, and although we all desire more victories, we also recognize starting over with a new coach right now takes us away from, not closer to, our goals for CU football.

-Define competitive? Define the goals for this program? Why desire victories, why don't we demand victories and hold people accountable for that?

While Colorado is 3-8 this year, three of the losses were by seven points or less, with two others, both on the road at West Virginia and No. 2 Texas, games where the Buffs were most competitive into the fourth quarter.

-"While Colorado is 3 - 8 this year, three of the losses were by seven points or less."

Are you kidding me? Was this really written? Was this what they prepared to win the fan base over with? This was the masterful comment that was going to rally the masses and make us go, "yes, I agree with the decision and support the University." Really, that is the best we can do? Will all the academic prowess in Boulder, this is it?

Yes, Colorado "officials", the Buffs football team lost three games this year by less than seven points. One heck of an accomplishment if you ask me, something we should be proud of and aspire to do more of in the future. Should we hang a banner for that accomplishment? Since you want to rationalize losing, let's do that, let's dissect it and see how great an accomplishment it really is.

One of those losses was to Colorado State, a Mountain West team, at home in the season opener as the great University of Colorado yanked Colorado State around to make them play in Folsom in not Denver. Your senior captain said "we overlooked them." "10 wins, no excuses" and we overlooked a rival at home and lost? The first game of the year we "competitively" overlooked the Rams? Colorado State is winless in the Mountain West Conference and just lost to New Mexico, a team that was winless overall going into the game. Yes, New Mexico is 1 - 10 and Colorado State is 3 - 8.

Another one of those losses by only seven little points was to an Iowa State team who is headed up by Paul Rhoads, a first year coach who already has as many wins on the road as Dan Hawkins has in four years - two. Iowa State also beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers in year one, something Dan Hawkins has not done in two tries. Get this, Dan Hawkins hasn't beat a Big 12 North team on the road in his career - not one - not Iowa State, not Kansas State - nobody.

And the final, "less than seven point loss", was against Oklahoma State who is an 8 point underdog to a 6 - 5 Oklahoma team. Oklahoma State was playing without their All-American wide receiver in Dez Bryant, All-Conference quarterback in Zach Robinson and without the complete services of All American RB Kendall Hunter. Oh yes, and I forgot, Oklahoma State beat us with their third string quarterback. But, heck, "competitive" me up with that third string QB.

Thanks for trying to spin that into a positive.

I am surprised the release didn't say the Colorado Buffaloes were competitive against Toledo when they won third quarter 21 - 14.

-The Buffs "competitively" lost to Texas by 24 points after "competitively" gaining 127 total yards of total offense and giving up three non-defensive touchdowns. Colorado was "competitively" given four turnovers by West Virginia but "competitively" lost the game on the road, where we "competitively" have won 2 games in 21 chances the last four years.

Hawkins' contract with CU runs through the 2012 season; he originally signed a five-year agreement when hired prior to the 2006 season, and received an extension in October 2008 after a good start to the year before injuries took their toll and earning a bowl berth the previous season.

-Thanks for rationalizing the extension as well, Colorado. I mean 11 - 19 screams extension and so does a 3 - 2 start in 2008. Apparently, 3 - 2 is a good start at Colorado. Let's call it was it is; a $1.8 million dollar mistake by your athletic department.

before injuries took their toll

-"10 wins, no excuses" - translation: "Competitively", no where near 10 wins and still the excuses.

Call me "competitively" disappointed with this response because apparently the word "competitive" can be molded into whatever you want it to mean.