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The Ralphie Report 2009 Week 9 Blog Poll

Rank Team
1 Texas
2 Florida
3 Alabama
4 Cincinnati
6 Iowa
7 Oregon
8 Boise State
10 Penn State
11 Georgia Tech
12 Pittsburgh
13 Southern Cal
14 Ohio State
15 Miami (Florida)
16 Oklahoma
17 Arizona
18 Oklahoma State
19 Houston
20 Utah
21 Virginia Tech
22 Notre Dame
23 Wisconsin
24 California
25 Oregon State

Next five teams
:  BYU, South Florida, Clemson, Boston College, Texas Tech 

I have been traveling a ton the last few weeks so I have been unable to get up our rankings consistently.  However, it was actually pretty nice to kind of "reset" my poll as opposed to moving teams up and down from previous weeks. This weeks LSU - Alabama and OSU - PSU games should really help us sort out a few teams at the top.  What do you think?  Who would you move?