Dan Hawkins Press Conference Drinking Game

When you're 2-6, you have to find new ways to have fun during the football season. What better way to make the pain go away than with a Dan Hawkins press conference drinking game??

Take a drink every time Dan Hawkins:

-Mentions how young the team is

-Talks about how good the team looks in practice

-Uses injuries as an excuse

-Reads a letter of support from a parent/former player/fan of a rival institution

-Raves about how proud he was that we were only down two scores for much of the fourth quarter

-Uses the terms "Get their horns out" or "warrior spirit"

Finish your drink if Dan Hawkins:

-Asks current team members to vouch for his fairness

-Calls out members of the media for not having children

If you stick to these rules, then by the end of the press conference you should be more blacked out than the West Virginia game.

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