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Thursday Buff Bites - Mike Bohn "Pleased" With Dan Hawkins' Press Conference

Colorado_medium"Writer's Block" - Behind the Stripes -
Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune (Missouri) has a nice interview with Buff beat writer Kyle Ringo that is well worth the read to discuss Tyler Hansen, a potential Buffs' mini upset this weekend, Dan Hawkins' job status, the head coach's press conference and the CU fan base. I don't think you will find a third of the fan base that believes Dan Hawkins is genuinely the man for the job, though, as Kyle points out.

BTS: What's been the pulse of the CU fan base this season? Are they in "For Sale sign in the front yard" mode yet? If so, will anything short of winning the North turn the fans around?

Ringo: I guess you can sort of get the vibe from my previous long-winded answer. I would say this fan base is split into thirds right now. There is one-third that is finished with Dan Hawkins regardless. There is another one-third that is sort of hoping he can rally the team and prove he deserves to keep his job. I would say winning the North Division or qualifying for a bowl or both might be enough to convince them. Then there is about one-third who genuinely believe Hawkins is the man for the job and will get it turned around at some point.

Colorado_mediumCU athletic director Bohn glad to see Hawkins "get back to who he is" - The Denver Post
Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn was excited to see Dan Hawkins return to "who he is." He of course is referencing the press conference where Dan Hawkins read emails about how good of a coach he is and how good of a program he runs. Personally, I am glad he didn't use the words "we'll see" but maybe next time we can leave the emails behind and talk about winning football games. 

After getting a chance to watch Internet video of Dan Hawkins' introspective, 25-minute soliloquy that opened his Tuesday media luncheon, Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn said Wednesday that he was pleased to see the football coach open up. "Dan is so competitive, and wants so badly to deliver a program that everybody can be excited about, he has recently been a little more guarded and a little short in his engagement with many of the outlets that provide insights into our program," Bohn said.

Bohn said he did not instruct Hawkins to be more personable this week. But the athletic director acknowledged that he has been "urging Dan to present the challenge he faces in a more concise, more transparent and more honest way." "I believe he realizes he has to take advantage of those (public) opportunities — to play 'offense' a little bit instead of giving a sense of defensiveness," Bohn explained. "That defensiveness had left an impression that was less than favorable to him. That wasn't Dan.

"It was great to hear him admit that he is not infallible and is committed to building this program for the long haul. It was great to see him get back to who he is. He realizes he has mis-stepped at times, and also maybe come across in a different way than what is really himself. I was pleased to see him demonstrate his full commitment to being open to change and also being more of himself."

Colorado_mediumDespite shuffling, coach says Buffs O-line excelling - The Longmont Times-Call
Colorado Buffaloes' offensive line coach said the o-lines' performance against Kansas State was it's best of the year. I don't know how that is possible as the Buffs failed to reach 300 yards of total offense and only scored 10 points.

It’s interesting to note that Colorado’s offensive line coach, Denver Johnson, expects to start the same five Saturday against Missouri as the Buffs did last week. In 2009, this is a rarity. In seven games, the Buffs have started five combinations up front. Despite the regular changes and the strange things happening to it, the offensive line made "huge strides" two weeks ago against Kansas, according to coach Dan Hawkins. And Johnson said its work against Kansas State last week was its best of 2009.

Colorado_mediumBig 12 predictions, Week 9 - Big 12 - ESPN

Missouri 31, Colorado 21: The slumping Tigers will turn things around, snapping a three-game losing streak after starting the season 4-0. Colorado’s sputtering passing attack won’t be able to take advantage of the Tigers’ biggest defensive weakness in the secondary. Colorado’s offense struggled against Kansas State after the Buffaloes' first possession and will likely falter again against the Tigers, who have recent history on their side. Missouri has beaten the Buffaloes by a combined margin of 113-10 in the past two seasons.

Colorado_mediumVideos Posted by CBS4 News: Folsom Field Snow covered Bleachers [HQ] | Facebook
In case you out of towners missed the snow storm in Colorado, here is a shot of Folsom Field with a pretty good amount of snow piled up on the bleachers.

Colorado_medium"Behind the Numbers: Missouri-Colorado" - Behind the Stripes -
Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune writes a good piece about the game this weekend between the Buffs and Tigers:

If there was one positive Missouri’s offense could take from its loss to Texas, it had to be the temporary discovery of its running game. For a few fleeting series, the Tigers had some success running on the nation’s No. 1 rush defense, particularly on MU’s lone scoring drive, when its trio of backs gained 51 of the night’s 74 rushing yards. Offensive coordinator David Yost said the run game produced at about a 50 percent efficiency rate, which he said was progress considering the caliber of defense Texas has. More specifically, the Tigers might have discovered something in its tailback-by-committee workload and the two-back formations that left the Horns guessing which back was running the ball.

Colorado_mediumBig 12 North: Eliminate it. | Upon Further Review

The Big 12 Championship game – if there must be one – should be between the best two teams – not the best against the fifth best (or worse).

Colorado_mediumShould the Big 12's divisional structure be changed? - Big 12 - ESPN

Colorado_mediumMizzou still boasts weapons on offense - Boulder Daily Camera

Colorado_medium10 things to watch in the Big 12, Week 9 - Big 12 - ESPN

9. How will Colorado and Missouri react to the expected mushy conditions on Saturday? With more than two feet of snow expected to pile up on the front range the next couple of days, which team will be favored by the sloppy track? Will it be Missouri’s pass-heavy attack or Colorado’s rushing game that has proved to be a little plodding against Big 12 teams on drier turf?

Colorado_mediumBrooks: No Offense, But Polk Loves 'D' -

And come on Polk has, methodically moving into Brown's starting unit at strong safety. A still-green redshirt freshman, Polk is absorbing as much as Brown and the veteran players around him - senior corner Cha'pelle Brown, senior free safety Ben Burney, junior corner Jimmy Smith - can offer. College Football - Weekend preview of the Big 12