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Get Your Questions Answered About Kansas State

The switch has been turned on and now there is some hope for the rest of the season and suddenly, this weekend's game against Kansas State has some pretty big implications behind it. The loser is going to have an uphill climb to winning the North while the winner will have at least a share of the Big 12 North lead. The loser will also be labeled a pretender after both teams had impressive wins this past weekend.

Due to the game turning marquee, we reached out to Bring on the Cats, the SB Nation blog for the Kansas State Wildcats, to see if they wanted to get some extensive discussion going on about eachother's team considering I personally don't know a whole lot about the team from Manhattan and Bill Synder.

So we invite you throw some of your questions in the comments below and we will send some of the best over to get answered by TB over at BOTC.

It is nice to have some added excitement to this game!

Here is a recap of the Kansas State dismantling of Texas A&M from BOTC. Like Buff fans, they are being very cautious about their optimism, I mean we all should be. Tech put up 66 points on Kansas State the week before and Colorado lost to both Colorado State and Toledo.

KSU impressed in almost every single facet of the game Saturday night, and their domination at the line of scrimmage, on defense, and in special teams was matched only by the cruel efficiency in the way the Kansas State offense, especially Daniel Thomas, found a way to put the ball in the end zone. Honestly, it was the kind of game you dream of having as a coach; you ask your team to create turnovers (A&M had five to KSU's zero), score points off of those mistakes, and make the other team easy to defend by making them one dimensional (A&M had -13 yards rushing). When Coach Snyder and his staff look at the tape, I'm sure they'll have some things to critique (a couple of A&M touchdowns in the second half are good film to break down), but most likely, they'll look at the tape and say, "Well, uh, good job. That's kind of what we're looking for."

The one thing that surprised me last night was the relative ease in which KSU was able to move the ball. I know that A&M isn't the greatest defensive team in the world, but KSU was able to move the ball seemingly at will, which if you've watched any KSU game this year, that's about as shocking as sticking your hand into a light socket after hosing yourself down. Does it mean KSU finally turned the corner offensively to the point where they can finally rely on the offense to help them win games and not be a hindrance? Or does it mean that KSU just had a good night against a really bad team?