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A Statistical Look - Colorado Buffaloes vs. Kansas Jayhawks


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National Conf Actual Category Actual Conf National
Advantage Rank Rank Rank Rank
Kansas 112 11 83.4 Rushing Offense 189.2 4 30
Kansas 53 9 226 Passing Offense 330.2 2 5
Kansas 110 12 100.79 Passing Efficiency 158.63 3 13
Kansas 104 12 309.4 Total Offense 519.4 2 3
Kansas 85 11 23.4 Scoring Offense 40.6 3 4
Kansas 89 12 2.4 Sacks Allowed 1.4 6 T-41
Kansas T-73 10 -0.2 Turnover Margin 0.4 6 T-47
Kansas 92 11 170.4 Rushing Defense 91.2 3 14
Colorado 64 6 219.2 Pass Defense 259.8 12 108
Kansas 107 12 146.31 Pass Efficiency Defense 126.56 8 61
Kansas 85 11 389.6 Total Defense 351 7 57
Kansas 96 12 30 Scoring Defense 18 5 29
Kansas T-34 6 2.4 Sacks 3.2 2 T-8
Kansas 59 9 5.8 Tackles For Loss 7 4 T-23
Colorado 113 11 31.11 Net Punting 30.72 12 115
Kansas 104 12 4.46 Punt Returns 9.54 8 61
Colorado 27 5 24.82 Kickoff Returns 21.32 8 71


Once again, the numbers don't look good for the Buffs against the Kansas Jayhawks today but still many believe that this will be a closer game than the 10 point spread the oddsmakers currently have the game pegged at. The hope for the Colorado Buffaloes lies with what Iowa State did to the Kansas' defense last week, gaining over 500 yards of offense while almost beating the Jayhawks in their own back yard. More hope lies in the fact that Colorado's defense minus one or two mental breakdowns last week against a top rated offense in Texas, played lights out. The Buffs defense looked fast, aggressive and was able to make plays holding the Longhorns to only 40 yards rushing.

They will need to be lights out today if they hope to pull off an upset against the Kansas Jayhawks who are led by QB Todd Reesing, WR Dezmon Briscoe and WR Kerry Meier. The trio is the main reason why Kansas has the third ranked offense in all of college football. Against Iowa State, Reesing had 442 yards and 4 scores with Briscoe hauling in 12 receptions and Meier 16. It is currently the most prolific passing game trio in all of college football. The Buffs will have their hands full but you have to feel better about competing with the Jayhawks after last week's performance.

Last year, the Buffs tried to keep the big play Kansas offense in front of them, rushing three most of the time. The plan backfired as Reesing was able to move around in the pocket and dissect the Buffs eight man coverage schemes with little pressure. I loved the game plan against Texas a week ago which saw the Buffs get after QB Colt McCoy sacking him twice, tackling the Longhorns six times for loss and turning over the #2 team in the nation twice, both deep in Texas territory. Today, a lot will be depend on the play of cornerbacks Jimmy Smith, Jalil Brown and Cha'pelle Brown. At times they look great and at times you see the opposition go for a 50 yard touchdown pass with the cornerbacks/safeties looking confused. It will be interesting to see how Greg Brown has these guys lining up today. Todd Reesing has the patience to nickel and dime a defense all the way up the field if the defense chooses to play with a cushion, where Kerry Meier thrives. If you get aggressive with the Kansas receivers and play bump coverage, that is where Dezmon Briscoe shines in extending the defense. The key: pressure from the front seven. Let's hope the Buffs defense continues to improve.

A year ago, Colorado jumped out to an early lead and was within two points in the third quarter until Kansas pulled away at the end winning 30 - 14. Cody Hawkins threw two interceptions and was sacked for a safety that gave Kansas a 9 - 7 lead going into half. It was clearly a game the Buffs could have won if they had an offense who wasn't mistake prone. Colorado's offense will need to improve on their 233 yard, 14 output from the 2008 meeting.

New QB Tyler Hansen will be charged today with not making those mistakes that Cody Hawkins has made in prior games that have cost the Buffs dearly. Protect the ball in the redzone, don't take bad sacks, manage the game and don't be afraid to use your feet to make plays. The goal for Tyler Hansen today, other than not turn the ball over, is to make the Kansas defense account for his presence of the field, whether it is making plays with his feet or being successful in making his pre-snap reads and SPREADING the ball around the field. I am excited to see how Hansen responds today, it could be an epic moment if he is wildly successful and the Buffs can pull off the upset. Will Dan Hawkins and Eric Kiesau give him to opportunity to put forth and epic peformance? Is Tyler Hansen ready to lead the Buffs to new heights? Will the offensive line finally rally around their new quarterback and improve their play? Those all remain to be seen.