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A Statistical Look - Colorado Buffaloes vs. Texas Longhorns

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National Conf Actual Category Actual Conf National
Advantage Rank Rank Rank Rank
Texas 109 11 93.75 Rushing Offense 207.3 4 21
Texas 109 12 103.2 Passing Efficiency 149.6 7 28
Texas 27 6 261.3 Passing Offense 314 3 9
Texas 77 12 355 Total Offense 521.3 2 4
Texas 71 10 25.75 Scoring Offense 49.5 1 1
Texas 91 12 2.5 Sacks Allowed 1 4 17
Colorado 54 6 207.3 Pass Defense 212.3 7 65
Texas 111 12 201.5 Rushing Defense 47.25 1 2
Texas 106 12 148.1 Pass Efficiency Defense 97.96 3 18
Texas 102 12 408.8 Total Defense 259.5 2 11
Texas 86 12 28 Scoring Defense 15.25 4 19
Texas T-30 6 2.5 Sacks 3 4 11
Texas 60 10 5.75 Tackles For Loss 8 2 8
Texas T-78 9 -0.25 Turnover Margin 0.75 5 T-36
Colorado 70 9 35.67 Net Punting 35.07 10 78
Texas 106 12 3.82 Punt Returns 13.92 2 22
Texas 30 5 25.05 Kickoff Returns 37.25 1 2


Not much to say here. The 102nd ranked defense (against West Virginia, Colorado State, Toledo and Wyoming) will play the top scoring offense in the country today. If the Buffs have any chance, that 102nd ranked defense will have to play more like they did in two consecutive drives in the third quarter against West Virginia, probably there two best defensive outputs of the year. Game was on the line still, the Buffs defense came out and got positive plays on first down, stopped the run and was able to apply pressure on Jarrett Brown in passing situations. It won't be as easy today but once again, putting Texas into second and long situations to start drives and then getting solid corner back play on passing situations with a healthy dose of Marcus Burton and B.J. Beatty from the linebacker position is crucial. Sounding like a broken record, Ron Colllins' unit needs to limit the big play. The numbers are astonishing: According to Dave Plati of the Colorado SID, CU has allowed 1,635 yards in its first four games, on 260 plays (6.3 per); that includes 23 plays of 20 yards or more (13 pass/10 rush), 11 of those for 40 or more. Those 23 plays have accounted for a whopping 962 yards; when adding in 18 other plays of 10 yards or more, the count rises to 1,205 yards. It translates to 16 percent of the opponent plays (41 of 260) having accounted for 74 percent of the yards.

The Buffs certainly need more defensive possessions like these two:

West Virginia at 10:02 COLO WVU
1st and 10 at WVU 23 Tavon Austin rush for 4 yards to the WVirg 27. 17 21
2nd and 6 at WVU 27 Noel Devine rush for 2 yards to the WVirg 29.

3rd and 4 at WVU 29 Brown sacked by Chap Brown and Burton for a loss of 16

4th and 20 at WVU 13 Scott Kozlowski punt for 55 yards

DRIVE TOTALS: WVirg drive: 3 plays -10 yards, 02:07 WVirg PUNT
West Virginia at 4:31 COLO WVU
1st and 10 at WVU 47 Jarrett Brown pass incomplete to Tavon Austin. 17 21
2nd and 10 at WVU 47 Jarrett Brown sacked by Marcus Burton for a loss of 12

3rd and 22 at WVU 35 Jarrett Brown sacked by Chapelle Brown for a loss of 16

4th and 38 at WVU 19 Scott Kozlowski punt for 47 yards

DRIVE TOTALS: WVirg drive: 3 plays -28 yards, 01:50 WVirg PUNT


Offensive look for the Buffs after the jump...

I have looked for trends for this Colorado offense and it is hard to tie any sequences together that lead to success. But back to the big play talk we had for the defense, the offense has had two plays over forty yards and those plays belong to WR Andre Simmons and WR Anthony Wright. Two players who Buff fans are dying to see on the field more. Coach Eric Kiesau indicated this week that Anthony Wright is progressing and should hopefully receive more opportunities with the undertone that Andre Simmons has not really done enough in practice to suggest that he is ready to go at a high level. If they do decide to give Anthony Wright some time at receiver today and Markques Simas can get some featured time away from Scotty McKniight, the Buffs may be starting to get that receiver balance Buff fans have been callling for since the Colorado State game. 

A big problem with this offense, in my opinion, is the ability to stretch the opposition's defense. Right now you have a defense that is not playing in a back peddle. They are sitting in a 15 yard box and only moving forward not backword. I don't care who you are, when your team lacks any threat to go beyond the 15 yard level, your offense will be ranked dead last in the Big 12. Throw a fast and aggressive Texas' defense at the Buffs' offense and that could be big trouble if the Buffs don't find a way to get those safeties and cornerbacks in a back peddle. Texas is going to do what every team in the Big 12 is going to do to the Buffs this year: make Cody Hawkins beat them. Mack Brown has made it clear in his press conferences this week that they are heavily focused on the Colorado running game. The only way Colorado's offense has success today is if they come out and can rattle of a few big plays and loosen the defense. A five yard offensive game plan early will lead to a big Texas rout.

The Buffs have nothing to lose. Everyone expects the score to be around 55 to 14. Take your shots early and try to make the Texas defense adjust and allow your offense to operate in some space.