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Friday Buff Bites

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Well, the college football season is officially over. Like the announcers said to do last night, I am trying to sit down with Tim Tebow so my life will be better. Yes, this was said last night by the great FOX announcers:

"In such a cynical and sarcastic society, often times looking for the negative on anybody and anything, if you're fortunate enough to spend five minutes or 20 minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it. Time out on the field."

Between the superman and "the best college football player ever" comments, the game wasn't that great. OU had it's chances. Can't turn the ball over twice, fail in the red zone twice and get a field goal blocked.

Now back to the Buffs

Colorado_mediumSome readers were asking about this topic below so I will answer it for all as I am sure most of you are curious. Yes, their is a rumor going around that former Oregon commit, current Buff commit WR Diante Jackson might in fact be going back to Oregon. It has been reported on every message board that has anything to do with Colorado and Oregon. I will try and get a hold of Diante today. He is a great kid and has always been great to us at The Ralphie Report. Until we hear straight from the horses mouth on this and until National Signing Day comes and goes, I will not write off Diante Jackson from being a Buff. I will not even write off Nick Kasa. Crazy things happen in recruiting and you never know. Again, this may upset some of you out there but just remember, their is more to this story than we currently know, he is 18 and he has been an awesome guy to everyone he has worked with over this time...make sure the comments stay away from the dark side. Remember, nothing is official yet. Most of you have probably already read this, I just wanted to let you know that we are respectfully trying to confirm with DJack.

Colorado_medium2008 commit S/LB Paul Vigo gray-shirted this season but is now on campus and ready to make an impact. The Boulder Daily Camera has a good piece on Vigo this morning.

Colorado_mediumThe CU Buffs Men Basketball team finished up its non-conference play against Western State with a modest win. Next up, the Big 12. More specifically, Missouri, who has been pretty good although their non-conference slate wasn't the best. It could be a long season in the Big 12 for the Buffs. Athlon thinks the Big 12 conference is wide open with OU and Texas the class of the conference but there are a few others gunning for the crown.

Colorado_mediumThe Oklahoman put out this good "five minute" guide to the upcoming Big 12 basketball conference slate.

3. Colorado and Iowa State: Neither team is very good. OK. Maybe we already knew this one.