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Wednesday Morning Recruiting News

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Colorado_mediumAccording to, the Buffs have offered California DT Justin Brown (ESPN_Rivals). Brown is 6'2" 260 pounds and is listed as running a 4.8 second forty. Many people, including Greg Biggins, thinks Brown is a pretty big sleeper. Rivals has him ranked as the 65th DT in the nation and a three star, which is a pretty strong rating for a guy that hasn't gotten a ton of looks so far in the process. But things are warming up for Brown. He is trying to visit New Mexico this weekend and then scheduled to be in Boulder January 16th.

The big deterrent as to why Brown is not more highly rated is his weight and strength. He will be a red shirt candidate his first year of school unless he has enough ability to play at the end position. Tough news for Buff fans because of the immediate help needed on the inside but as of right now, their are only a few prospects that might be able to step in from day one and start. Still, Brown is a good prospect and would be a welcomed depth addition to a Buffs team starved for interior help.

Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona State, Washington and Washington State have all recently expressed interest in Brown. Look for him to make a few visits to these places as well.

Colorado_mediumMany Buff fans are wondering what will happen to S Stan McKay now that UCLA has offered him. I asked Greg Biggins yesterday and here was his response:

I think CU is definitely still in it but his coaches believe he'll stay closer to home and play for UW or UCLA. I get the feeling they're pushing UW because they know the new DB coach over there very well.

UCLA does have some depth at safety but I don't think enough to make Stan go elsewhere. As for playing closer to home, Stan if you are out there, the West Coast is bigger than you think. Seattle, WA to Long Beach, CA is 1,162 miles. Boulder, CO to Long Beach, CA is 1,048 miles. I'm just saying!