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The 08 Season is Done in Two Days Buff Bites

One game left in the 2008 College Football season before we finally get to move onto the hope a new season can bring.  Things won't slow much around here as we continue our series on the best and worst of 2008, enter the final stretch of the recruiting season, follow the Buffs rough and tough Big 12 basketball slate and begin to break down the upcoming season.  We won't be doing the full Buff links quite as much because there simply isn't enough news to do it everyday.  All of you guys have really stepped it up a notch these last few weeks throwing up FanPosts and FanShots and we have had some really great discussions in the comment threads so don't hesitate to post your thoughts or throw up some links!

Colorado_mediumMHCSports states that John Henderson picked the wrong time to write about Hawk's attempt to clamp down on player conduct, but Buff fans are still taking it a little too hard.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo gives his take on the Buffs final recruiting push for the 2009 class. Nothing you guys don't already know but a good read none the less.

Colorado_mediumThe Buffs ski team sits in second place at the season-opening Alaska-Anchorage Invitational after the first day.  DU is right behind them in third.

Colorado_mediumCorn Nation says tomorrow's National Championship game will not decide who is truly the better conference in 2008.  I'm not sure if I agree either way, but I do know that the Big 12 needs to win this game very badly, if only to shut up the SEC for a while.

Colorado_mediumBored and looking for more links?  She may be a Longhorn, but dimecoverage does the best daily link compilation that I have seen and I make sure and check out her updates everyday.

Just a reminder, I will be posting live updates and pictures from tomorrow nights BCS National Championship on The Ralphie Report's Twitter Feed .  If you haven't already done so create an account and follow the action here.