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Audio From Rivals Recruiting Interview on 104.3 The Fan

Here is the audio recording of the interview on 104.3 The Fan featuring Adam Munsterteiger from talking about Buff recruiting up to this point. I was pretty impressed with Adam. I wish we were hosting the show because Jim Armstrong kept asking a recruiting analyst about Hawk's 10 win prediction, asking Adam to comment on his very own newspaper article about how Buff fans need a reality check and other various things that should have been cut out.

But overall a good interview. Nothing too new that we don't already know just fun to hear it on the airwaves.

The good news is that the coaches will be at Blake's and Ussery's house tonight and tomorrow. Saturday begins the recruiting dead period so it looks like we are getting the last word. Adam has confidence that Ussery will be a Buff.

The quality isn't too bad...not bad considering me holding up the recorder to the speaker for a half an hour!

Click after the jump to hear the interview (it is too big to put on the front page)