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"Heightened Anticipation" Buff Bites

Anticipation and optimism are great things. Right now I am, like most of you, anxiously awaiting signing day and the events that will unfold up to and on that day. Yes, there are still tons of questions about this class and if it will end like we need it to or want it to. Questions are definitely there about Diante Jackson, Andre Simmons, Josh Moten, Terdema Ussery, Markish Jones, Chris Freeman, Byron Moore and Emory Blake among others. But one must be anxious when you look at the list we are having to question. Sandwiched in there are 4* receivers, an elite safety, a 6'9" 350 pound lineman and mostly, a bunch of playmakers and athletes. The Buffs are fighting schools like Washington, Notre Dame, Stanford, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Missouri, Purdue, USC, Texas Tech and Oregon for these recruitsThis is an exciting time for Buff football and if the Buffs can get 5 or 6 of the players above, Hawkins and Co. will have once again proven they can recruit with the best of them.

Colorado_mediumKyle Ringo of the BDC agrees and states something that should make all Buff fans excited if this talent turns into results on the field:

If Hawkins reaches the goal he set of 10 wins next season? Forget about it. Something dramatic would have to happen to keep him from nabbing one of the top-10 or top-15 recruiting classes in the nation in 2010.

I believe Ringo is right. If the Buffs can show results now on the field, Hawkins has the ability to recruit anywhere as we have seen in the past. He has nabbed talent from Ohio, Texas, California, Arizona, Las Vegas, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. Give this staff of Hawkins, Hagan, Cabral and Kiesau 8, 9 or 10 wins, it will interesting to see the dividends.

The rest of the article talks about the visitor this weekend in S Byron Moore from Harbor City, California. We have provided a bunch of info on Moore in the last few posts in case you haven't heard enough about him.

Colorado_mediumThe Buffs basketball team got a big win last night against Iowa State. It puts to rest all of that talk about 0 - 16 in conference play and allows the players and Bz to get that monkey off their back. Yes, the schedule will get tougher down the line as CU has yet to play Texas, Baylor and Oklahoma but from all accounts, the Buffs battled it out for a gritty victory.

It is amazing what happens when the Buffs perform in three areas that have been haunting them all season: Free Throws, Offensive Rebounding and Turnovers. Last night, the Buffs outperformed Iowa State in all three phases. Bzdelik's team only had 7 turnovers to Iowa State's 15.

Neil Woelk of the BDC has a nice piece on the game and agrees that CU's attention to details like not turning the ball over payed dividends:

Rather, it proved to be the result of exactly what Bzdelik has been preaching over the last couple of months.

Defense. Take care of the ball. Rebound.

Another good thing was Cory Higgins got his groove back after the K State game, scoring 19 points.

Colorado_mediumIt looks like LB Derrick Webb, a Buff commit, will be going to Tenneseeee for his final official visit. I feel pretty good that Webb will remain a Buff after this weekend.