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A Brief Discussion With Coach Fridrich of Union High About Buff Commit Shaun Simon

The Ralphie Report was able to reach Union High School head coach Kirk Fridrich for a quick interview about CU commit, OL Shaun Simon, to hear his take on him as a football player and as a person. As you may or may not know, Union High School is a perennial powerhouse in Oklahoma and is often nationally ranked along with its rival Jenks High. Union turns out multiple division one prospects each year and this year was no exception. The Buffs were recruiting three of  them: TE Tracy Moore (Oklahoma State), Ath Terrell Williams (Arkansas) and OL Shaun Simon (Colorado). This is the third interview we have done with a few of the coaches of Buff commits. In case you missed it, here is the Derrick Webb interview and the Forest West interview.

The Ralphie Report (TRR): Thanks coach for spending a little time with us today. We are extremely excited about Shaun wearing the black and gold.

Coach Kirk Fridrich (KF): Not a problem, we are glad to see Shaun have an opportunity to continue his career.

TRR: Most Buff fans don't know a lot about Shaun outside of what we have seen from various game clips. What makes Shaun a special player and what kind of player are we getting?

KF: Shaun is a program kid; Union is a special place, where football is taken very serious.  We are highly competitive, with several players that may not play until their senior year.  Shaun is one of those players who developed overtime -- he stayed committed to the plan and waited his turn.  He has a huge upside; he has only played 14 games and showed great improvement each week.

TRR: Shaun's ride through high school has sounded very difficult to say the least but it seems like he has rededicated himself and really has grown as a person. What can you attribute his growth to over the years and how satisfying was it for you as his coach to see a kid really mature both on and off the field.

KF: I am very excited to see a player like Shaun use football to rise above the adversities of life.  There is no doubt that after his mother died, football is all he has and he will use that to carry him through to a successful life.

TRR: Tell us about Shaun off the field. What kind of person is he? 

KF: Shaun is a great kid, who will spend a lot of time around the field and weight room trying to make himself better -- He is a competitor and a tough teammate that will be a great asset to Colorado.

TRR: Quick one for you on Tracy Moore, do you think he is solid to Oklahoma State or is Colorado still in the picture?

KF: I think Tracy Moore enjoyed his time at Colorado, but I believe he will sign somewhere else.


Thanks again to Coach Fridrich and we look forward to seeing big Shaun on the field.