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FRIDAY! Buff Bites

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Well, it won't be the picture perfect weekend we had in Colorado like last weekend but a Friday is a regardless.

Colorado_medium Today, according to the blog, The Latest in Auburn Football, Dan Hawkins will be visiting WR recruit Emory Blake for an in-home. Leach already had his in- home and Chizik of Auburn will have his next week. Close the deal Hawkins! It will be interesting to see if we win this battle. I do have to say, wide receiver is the biggest position up in the air right now. It is quite interesting. The Buffs could have one of the more amazing classes in history or they can completely dud out when it is all said and done. If the Buffs had it their way, the incoming class would look like this: Jarrod Darden, Andre Simmons, Diante Jackson, Terdema Ussery and Emory Blake. Throw in another one or two JUCO guys to fulfill needs right now (by other JUCO guys I mean Markish Jones or Jewel Hardy) and I challenge anyone to find a better five or six receivers coming in for one team this year. There's just as good a chance, maybe even a better chance that the three JUCO's won't qualify (Markish Jones would qualify but he is getting courted elsewhere - in 2007, Markish Jones was ranked as the 28th best wideout in the nation. He is a player), Diante Jackson goes to Oregon, we don't know about Ussery's status anymore and Emory Blake goes to Auburn. The wide receiver position will be very interesting to the end, maybe even past the end.

Colorado_medium Looks like WR Jarrod Darden will be on campus quickly after he graduates from Keller H.S. This is important, especially for a kid who has been out and off the field for his entire senior year due to injury. He remains the lone WR that I feel comfortable saying he will be a Buff next year. (Knock on wood).

Colorado_medium The Boulder Daily Camera has a piece on the Buffs 16th commit, OL David Bakhtiari from San Mateo, California. Another guy that is under the radar but was picking up steam as the process went along with offers from Utah and Washington. Let's hope he is another surprise like Speedy Stewart. He will probably be a red shirt candidate to develop his skills and add weight. The Buffs recruiting of offensive linemen continues to grow. It will be interesting to see if they add much more.

Colorado_medium The Buffs will have four known visitors this weekend, a sure sign that their are probably commits that we don't know about or confidence that we will get the guys we need in the next two weeks. It just seems like a small amount for the end game. The visitors include two more offensive lineman in big boy center Shaun Simon (6'2" 310 pounds) from Union High School in Oklahoma and Evan Finkenberg (6'6" 250 pounds) from Tesoro High School in California. He will be visiting with teammate WR Preston King, who had an amazing high school career but doesn't have the great measurables. He has been offered a preferred walk-on position but his dream school in USC has also offered him a walk-on spot. Finally, QB/Ath Josh Moten will be making the journey to Boulder. He supposedly committed to Washington last month after we first learned of his interest in Colorado. He is now opened it back up and wants to be convinced that he will have a shot at playing quarterback at the next level. He is a good athlete, something the Buffs need, whether it is at quarterback or in a skill position.

Colorado_medium The big reason why Dan Hawkins named Brad Bedell interim offensive line coach is so he can continue to present stability along the recruiting front. I believe the move will make all current and future OL commits very happy as Bedell has seemed to develop a strong bond with many of the athletes.

Colorado_mediumThe Journal Star debates who will be the Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback next year.