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Summer in February Buff Bites

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Is it really still 70 degrees in Boulder?  Coach Hawkins needs to figure out a way to get get recruits here during the week when it's this nice.  How could you turn Boulder down when it's this incredible outside?  It sure is hard for me to get any work done when all I want to do is stare out the window.

Colorado_medium Andy Staples of has compiled a nice feature detailing where the nation's top recruits are coming from.  Looking at the map showing the hometowns of our current Buffaloes is a great to see how this roster was put together.  There aren't many states that put out a decent amount of quality high school football players that don't have a representation on our Colorado squad.

Colorado_mediumCompton Community College WR and Markish Jones teammate Jewel Hardy loved his visit to Boulder and would like to sign a letter of intent.  The question is, with quite possibly the best WR class CU has signed in a long time is there room for more?

Colorado_mediumRecently committed LB Derrick Webb says that he would still like to take a few visits, but there should be no reason for Colorado to be worried.  Unfortunatley until that letter of intent is signed, sealed and delivered there will always be reason to worry when dealing with recruits.

"I'm pretty solid with Colorado right now, but I would like to take my visits and pretty much enjoy the rest of the recruiting process."

"I'm trying to get Colorado to realize that they don't have to worry about me switching on them, because my trip to Colorado was amazing. I'm looking forward to coming to Colorado."

Colorado_mediumThe Colorado women's basketball team put up another strong effort but it just wasn't enough to knock off the #3 ranked Oklahoma Sooners.  The Buffs had the game notched at 28 at the intermission but couldn't recover from a 16-0 Oklahoma run two minutes into the second half.  This loss gives the Buffaloes their first ever 0-4 start in Big 12 play.

Colorado_mediumFinally, former Colorado Buffaloes Bernard Jackson and Lionel Harris were sentenced to at least a year in prison after pleading guilty to a robbery that occured last year.  Let's hope both of these guys serve their time and come out better for it.

Great song to listen to when it's a warm and sunny day like today:

Here We Go Magic - Tunnelvision

In case those that are new to the site haven't seen it, there is a music player on the right side of the page that you can play while catching up on The Ralphie Report (or any other site for that matter) and I will add songs a few times a week in the Buff Bites.