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The Ralphie Report Live: Interview With the High School Coach of Buff Commit Derrick Webb

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We have another one for you today. Yesterday, we talked with Chris Adamson, head coach of Salisbury School, where recent Buff commit DE Forrest West attended. Today, we bring you an interview from Whitehaven High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Coach Rodney Saulsberry was kind enough to give us some insight into recent Buff commit LB Derrick Webb. Here is what coach Saulsberry had to say:


The Ralphie Report (TRR): Most Buff fans don't know a lot about Derrick outside of what we have seen from his three minute highlight tape so we are very curious about his game. What makes Derrick a special player and what kind of player are we getting?

Rodney Saulsberry (RS): Derrick is what you consider a throwback player with new school ability.  He is a face-up tackler that plays with a physical presence yet possesses the agility to play well in space.  Most importantly, Derrick is a student of the game and works to no end to improve his football IQ and any areas of presumed deficiency in his game.  With that in mind, he has developed into a prototype hybrid LB that can play both inside and outside equally.

(TRR) We know Derrick was also being recruited by a few other schools, most notably Kentucky and Tennessee. He was supposed to take visits to those schools after he returned from Boulder. Do you know if he is still planning on taking those visits? Do you think he is firm in his decision to be a Buff or do these other schools have a chance at Derrick still?

(RS) I know that he is firm in his decision to become a Buff, but I do not know whether or not he will take the other visits or not.  Either way from my conversation with him after his visit, he wants to continue to wear Black & Gold.

(TRR) To be the best player at the next level, what things do you believe Derrick needs to work on in his early years at Colorado to truly be a dominant player.
(RS) Continue with the frame of mind that he has to outwork his opponent be it on the field or in the classroom.  His tireless work ethic gives him unlimited potential.

(TRR) Do you think Derrick would be best suited at linebacker or possibly safety in college?

(RS)He is a linebacker but as I stated earlier he plays well in space which gives a defensive coordinator lots of flexibility with him within their scheme.

(TRR)One major factor in the success of a player at the next level is his dedication to football and love for the game. Does Derrick have a great passion for the game?

(RS)Unquestioned dedication, passion, and love for the game.

(TRR)Finally, tell us about Derrick off the field. What kind of person is he?

(RS)As one of our captains, Derrick is one that leads from the front.  More importantly, he leads by example. He is a gifted artist musically and studious, providing him with the well-roundedness needed to balance the role of the student-athlete.  His core values are strong and I expect great things from him.

Thanks to coach Saulsberry for his time. I am pretty excited about seeing Derrick in Black and Gold