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Are the Colorado Buffaloes the Real National Champions?

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Go over and have some fun with the College Football Transitive Calculator where you can find out how 115 different D1 football programs (the 5 that don't work are SMU, North Texas, Washington, Washington State and Western Kentucky) are better than the National Champion Florida Gators.

Colorado beat West Virginia on 09/18/2008 by a score of 17-14
West Virginia beat North Carolina on 12/27/2008 by a score of 31-30
North Carolina beat Miami (Florida) on 09/27/2008 by a score of 28-24 (on the road!)
Miami (Florida) beat Wake Forest on 10/25/2008 by a score of 16-10
Wake Forest beat Mississippi on 09/06/2008 by a score of 30-28
Mississippi beat Florida on 09/27/2008 by a score of 31-30 (on the road!)
Florida is the 2009 Div 1-A champion