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You Tell Us! What Do We Still Need?

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So, we would like to hear from you, the readers, on how you think recruiting is going so far. After the avalanche of recruits in the past seven days (6 total with Nuckols, Kasa, Thornton, Webb, West and Grossnickle), the Buffs currently are winding down on their allotted amount of scholarships for the 2009 cycle. Coach Hawkins has stated that he wants to get 20 - 22 commits.  I have updated the offensive and defensive breakdowns we did a month ago by position by year after the jump for you to use a reference.

Here is what we would like to know:

1) What position is now the new priority #1 with the six or so remaining spots (use the charts after the jump if you need some help)? What is your reasoning and if you have a few players in mind, jot them down?

2) What is the one current commit that the Buffs cannot afford to lose between now and signing day?

3) Grade Dan Hawkins and Co's recruiting performance for 2009 so far? Have they underachieved, equaled or exceeded your expectations?

4) Right now, who is your favorite commit?

Don't be shy...we have got a lot of lurkers these days and want to hear what you have to say!

We will do this same thing in 15 days after signing day but we are at a good spot now to start grading this class.


2009 Defensive Class Breakdowns
Pos. Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Incoming
     DT Taj Kaynor Eric Lawson C Cunningham Will Pericak Nate Bonsu
Tyler Sale*   Eugene Goree   Edward Nuckols
     DE   M Herrod Lagrone Shields   Nick Kasa
  Conrad Obi  
Tony Poremba* J Forrest Webb
Kevin Cooney*  
     LB Marcus Burton BJ Beatty Tyler Ahles Lynn Katoa Derrick Webb
Shaun Mohler Micheal Sipili Josh Hartigen Jon Major  
Jeff Smart D Goldberg* Brandon Gouin* Doug Rippy
Bryan Stengel*   G Sergent*
     CB C Brown Jimmy Smith Anthony Wright   Deji Olatoye
Ben Burney Jalil Brown J Hawkins  
  Lamont Smith
     S   Bret Smith* Patrick Mahnke S Hicks Parker Orms
  A Perkins Vince Ewing  
T Sandersfield* Paul Vigo***
Matt Meyer*  
     P Matt DiLallo        
     K   Aric Goodman Jameson Davis   Z Grossnickle
     SP J Drescher A Bisnow*      
* walk on / ** potential medical redshirt / *** grey shirt 2008 class
Total 10 10 17 8 8
% 18.87% 18.87% 32.08% 15.09% 15.09%
Scholarship 8 7 12 7 5
Walk On 2 3 5 1 0



2009 Offensive Class Breakdowns
Pos. Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Incoming
     QB   C Hawkins M Ballenger Cam Wright* Clark Evans
  T Hansen  
0 1 2 1 1
     RB Kevin Moyd Corey Nabors Darrell Scott Ray Polk  
  D Sumler R Stewart  
  B Lockridge
Arthur Jaffee*
1 2 4 1 0
     FB J Behrens Matt Burgner*    
1 1 0 0 0
     WR   S McKnight M Simas C Blackmon Jarrod Darden
Josh Smith Ryan Maxwell* P Bobseine* A Simmons
Cam Ham* J Espinoza* Dustin Ebner* Diante Jackson
  Sean Lieb*  
0 3 3 4 3
     TE Riar Geer   Ryan Deehan Ryan Wallace DaVaughn Thornton
Pat Devenny    
D. Shanahan*
L Walters*
4 0 1 1 1
     OL Devin Head Nate Solder Matt Bahr Max T-Mariner** Jack Harris
  Evan Eastburn Blake Behrens Bryce Givens Gus Handler
K Stevens* Ryan Miller** R Dannewitz  
  Ethan Adkins  
Shawn Daniels
Mike Iltis
Sione Tau
David Clark*
1 3 8 3 2
Total 7 10 18 10 7
% 13.46% 19.23% 34.62% 19.23% 13.46%
Scholar 5 7 14 6 7
Walk On 2 3 4 4 0