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Recruiting Roundup/Buff Bites

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Wow, it was a frantic pace last night to the Buffs recruiting process. Their are rumblings of more to come in the near future. Sure gets you excited for next year. Right now the Buffs sit at 15 and visions of coming up short on numbers this class is fading quickly. I just wish we knew the status of JUCO WR Andre Simmons and WR Diante Jackson. I got to thinking since WR Terderma Ussery didn't pull the trigger yesterday and with the late call to two JUCO wide receivers, their is still a potential issue at that position. Could be uncalled for worrying but I would feel much better if we knew about Jackson and Ussery.

Colorado_mediumRight now, the commit I am most excited to watch next fall is DE Forrest West. I love what I saw on film and I really think this is an under the radar guy because of an injury. He has great speed and a lower body that just screams Dwight Freeney but taller. I have visions of West and Kasa slashing in from both ends.

The Boulder Daily Camera agrees with me as they profiled all four commits yesterday:

The biggest addition of the day might have been a player who flew under the radar much of last year. reported J. Forrest West, a 6-foot-2, 230-pound defensive end from Salisbury, Conn., committed to the Buffs.

West missed his entire junior season after suffering an injury. The junior year is crucial in the recruiting process because it is often when college coaches decide which prospects to pursue.

Colorado_mediumIt sounds like S Stan McKay will commit to UCLA according to as they have pulled his grayshirt. Something tells me that Slick Rick didn't want the Buffs to get him and took the bullet even though the recruiting class of this year and last year are full of defensive backs. Stan probably would have had a better opportunity to play here early but dreams are dreams and gotta love for a kid to have them come true. Good luck to him. It also sounds like S Nathan Fellner is staying put at Washington making DB Bradley McDougald an even more important get as the Buffs still need some depth at DB.

 Colorado_mediumDT Justin Brown loved his visit to Colorado this weekend according to and was tempted to commit but then those vaunted words came out: I still want to take my visits and Oregon. Kiss of death. Hopefully the luster of this visit doesn't wear off. I wish we had more last visits with these guys:

"It was incredible," Brown said. "Boulder is an incredible place and I loved everything about it. I really bonded with all the players, that was probably the highlight for me. Everyone gets along so good there and it felt like one big family to me.

"It was seriously hard for me not to commit. The only thing that kept me from committing is I want to check out a few more schools to make sure of my decision. I'm going to Oregon next weekend and I'm still trying to decide where I'll go in two weeks."