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Recruiting Weekend: The Opening Statement

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Well, after a dead period in the middle of this week where player-coach interaction was forbidden by the NCAA, things are about to get ramped up. The Colorado Buffaloes will welcome 11+ high school athletes from across the country to visit the campus and see what Buff football will be about in the future. It is definitely an exciting time. The Buffs couldn't have picked a better weekend after the season than this one to welcome in future prospects. The weather is supposed to be great (sunny and high 50's) and the Buffs are on a hot streak that would make any potential commit gush. After last weekend, CU is making a big impression across the recruiting landscape. They currently have five 4* commits, some a little more solid than others but with the news of DE Nick Kasa and DT Edward Nuckols giving their verbal, the Buffs have a compelling story to tell that they are a few players away from being a contender in the Big 12 North. Here is the list of visitors that we know about from and

Name Pos Stars Ht/Wt
Justin Brown DT 3 6-2/256
Chris Freeman OL 3 6-7/325
Zach Grossnickle K 2 6-3/175
Liloa Nobriga LB 3 6-1/211
DaVaughn Thornton TE 2 6-5/217
Terdema Ussery WR 3 6-3/182
Derrick Webb LB 3 6-0/214
Eddie Williams OL 3 6-1/315
Jewel Hardy WR JUCO 6-5/210
Markish Jones WR JUCO 6-3/200
J. Forrest West DE 2 6-2/225

I am pretty excited about the list of players Dan Hawkins and Co. are bringing in. Two guys who were on the last list that I put out this week, DT Adam Alaya and WR Alante Wright, look like they won't be making the trip. In two positions of need to not have them come means they must feel confident that a few other prospects will commit with more potential upside. CU was the best offer by far that both of those players had although I did like Alaya.

Two junior college receivers are on this list, Jewel Hardy and Markish Jones. I don't know what this says about Diante Jackson and Emory Blake but what it does say is that they know they have an immediate need at WR and they are going to try and get a ton of numbers in case a few of these guys don't qualify or pan out. This shouldn't scare guys like Emory Blake or Diante Jackson. This will just mean that the Buffs will have options, if players like Hardy, Simmons and Jones qualify, to not force the young into early playing time. Based on last year's youth and the result of the season, that is a fresh breath of air for Buff fans.

I have classified a few players below:

"Most Intriguing" Prospect: Chris Freeman OT 6-8/325: people say he may be the tallest recruit in the 2009 cycle. Go watch some of his videos on Size is one thing the Buffs lack when you look at the sideline of Texas and compare it to the gold and black. The more physically imposing the Buffs can be, the better.

"The Stock Rising" Prospect: DT Justin Brown. Just a couple weeks ago it looked like the Buffs would sneak in on this guy and it would be everyone's loss. Now, Nebraska, Arizona State and Washington are setting up visits with Brown and putting the full court press on. I am worried about him getting away. This weekend is important as we still need interior depth and Brown would be a good fit there.

"Lock'em Up" Prospect: WR Terderma Ussery. So he has the Buffs very high on his list, very high but his stock is rising as well. Rumor is that since Oklahoma lost WR Eric Ward to Texas Tech that Ussery may get the full court press from them. He is a guy that we need to lock up.

"Should Be a Buff This Weekend" Prospects: TE DaVaughn Thornton and K Zach Grossnickle. Both Denver East kids, both coached by former CU Buff player Ron Woolfork, both are prospects the Buffs need.

The Unknown Prospects: JUCO WR's Jewel Hardy and Markish Jones. They are late arrivers to the party but when you see 4.5 forties and 6'4 guys who weigh more than 200 pounds, a little excitement brews. Not a ton of info out there.

Previews of each prospect along with vitals will be next so check back in an hour or two.