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Pretty Big Recruiting Weekend Coming Up

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It might not be as big as the Iowa State or Texas weekends in terms of star power but the numbers of players that are scheduled to trip this weekend to Boulder is growing by the day. Currently, there are seven players who will be in Boulder this weekend according to scout and but according to Kyle Ringo of the BDC and, the number could be much more:

Hawkins will host one of the largest groups of official visitors in this recruiting cycle next weekend with between 10 and 15 prospects expected on campus.

As we know more about who is coming this weekend we will make sure and update you but here is who we know about right now:

Name Pos Rivals Stars Scout Stars Ht/Wt
Adam Ayala DT 3 1 6-5/253
Justin Brown DT 3 2 6-2/256
Zach Grossnickle K 2 1 6-3/175
Liloa Nobriga LB 3 2 6-1/211
DaVaughn Thornton TE 2 2 6-5/217
Terdema Ussery WR 3 4 6-3/182
Derrick Webb LB 3 3 6-0/214

This might turn out to be one of the more productive trips as I am pretty sure we could see 2 - 3 of these guys commit while on the trip bringing the Buffs total up to 13 - 14. There is still a lot of work to be done if the Buffs want to get to 20 - 22. I think you will see them come in at the 19 - 20 mark. They have found enough quality in some key positions that holding onto some scholarships after what should be a successful season next year would make more sense than rushing to fill spots. 

Over the next couple of days, I will be previewing each of the visitors like I did for prior recruiting weekends so stay tuned.

Even better news is that the weather in Boulder looks to be great while they are here. Nothing worse than welcoming kids to the teens and twenties. Forecast calls for sunny with the highs in the low to mid 50's.