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"Kasa and Nuckols" Buff Bites

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It is just fun to say...try it..."Kasa and Nuckols combine on the sack as the Buffs take down the Nebraska quarterback who has been bruised and battered by the duo for the whole day.' What a big step this was.

Colorado_mediumFrom the Longmont Times on Colorado Prep Star Nick Kasa:

Kasa's signature would give the Buffs the state's top-rated player for the third year in a row.

This is extremely important for the upcoming years. Next year looks to be a very deep Colorado class with the prize being QB's Austin Hinder from Glenwood Springs and Danny Spond from Columbine. Continuing the notion that the top recruit is locked up will be imperative to the success of this program. Hinder has a chance to be special. Many think he might be a top 5 quarterback next year with his arm strength and height.

Like Kasa, Simmons and Jackson could see immediate playing time if they enroll at CU next fall. Receiver is a position of emphasis in this year's recruiting cycle. Receivers coach Eric Kiesau told the Times-Call in November he hoped CU would sign at least four in this class.

Colorado_mediumFrom the Denver Post:

Two things - never under-estimate the power of a college choice, which almost always is the biggest decision of prep players' lives to this point; and chalk up another one for CU coach Dan Hawkins, who continues to land the best we have in Colorado.


for more news stories on Kasa and Nuckols, see after the jump...

Colorado_mediumQuotes on Kasa from The Denver Post:

Evidently it was a case of mi Kasa becoming su Kasa.

"Kasa is so fast, his first step is like Allen Iverson's," San Antonio Warren defensive tackle Calvin Howell told about his teammate on the West squad. "He is so smooth with his game."

"Hawk was all excited," Voorhees said. "He said that I made his day."

As you all know, Kasa and Nuckols are ranked extremely high in the pay site databases and you can only expect Kasa's rivals ranking to skyrocket based on the literature that has come out of the Army All American Game: gives Kasa five stars (out of five), ranking him No. 4 among the nation's defensive ends and No. 48 on its national top 100 for all positions. lists Kasa fourth among strongside defensive ends and No. 112 overall.

Expect Kasa to be in the top 100 of rivals best by week end. As for Nuckols, he is ranked as a 4* from rivals and the 25th best defensive tackle in the nation. ESPN has given Nuckols an extremely high grade of 80 (same as Nick Kasa) and has him slotted as the 14th best defensive tackle in the nation (Kasa as the 17th best DE). Recruiting Greg Biggins on Edward Nuckols:

"I just felt more comfortable at Colorado," Nuckols said via text message after having his wisdom teeth pulled. "I loved both schools and both coaching staffs but I felt the best overall fit for me was in Colorado. I think I'll have a great chance to play early there as well."

It does sound like Nuckols has some work to do to qualify but it sounds promising:

Nuckols still has some work to do academically and must finish up strong in his final semester, but according to his coaches at Mission Hills, he's on track to qualify. Academic concerns were the only thing keeping the athlete from holding offers from just about everyone as he's easily among the premier defensive tackles in the West region.

Colorado_mediumThe Rocky Mountain News has some quotes from Kasa's high school coach:

Voorhees called Kasa "a humble kid" who has matured greatly over the past four years, but "needs to get in the weight room. He weighs 245, but looks skinny. He can put on 30 pounds, and he'll get a lot stronger."

Still, Voorhees said Kasa was "pretty close" to being able to play as a freshman if he shows well in August drills and CU coaches believe he's ready.

He will definitely need to get in the weight room but with his frame, I believe he will be able to bulk up easily.

Colorado_mediumThe Daily Camera provides a reason for Kasa's switch:

Voorhees said another reason Kasa changed his mind was the very real possibility that he could play as a true freshman in Boulder. He might have had to redshirt in Florida and could have been waiting for significant playing time with the Gators for several years.

And Nuckols provided his reasons for picking Colorado via text message:

"It was a tough choice," Nuckols told about his decision between CU and Arizona. "Both schools have a wonderful campus, both teams are coming up in their conferences and both are bringing in top-notch recruits.

"It came down to Boulder being a place I can see myself living in for the next four to five years."