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Kasa, Nuckols' Commitments Revitalize Me, Buff Nation

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Speechless...Excited...Full of Anticipation...Belief. That is what one day did. Let's face it, since Darrell Scott announced last February, the Buffs haven't had a ton of great news. Post February, 2008 was a year to forget. 2009 was starting out like 2008. After losing DE Nosa Eguae yesterday and possibly losing WR Diante Jackson, I was starting to wonder about a ton of things, mostly negatives. My potential "Diante Jackson saddness" was erased today not because of the happiness caused by Nick Kasa and Edward Nuckols' commitments. It was erased because I believe Dan Hawkins will continue to work his magic and get Diante to Boulder. How can you not believe Jackson won't be a Buff next year? I mean he just pulled DE Nick Kasa, the #1 ranked athlete from Colorado and an elite bona fide pass rusher, from the Florida Gators. Yes, that team who just won the National Championship. And for an encore, how about solidifying the middle of the line with big time DL Edward Nuckols, who by the way, was getting recruited by Florida. Yes, that Florida.

Credit is due, where credit is due. This was the reason the University of Colorado brought Dan Hawkins in. This was the reason back in 2006 that Buff fans every where got excited. Today, was the reason. Today, provides hope. Yes, there is a long way to go but the pieces are in place. In this world of blogging, I am trying to learn not to be too high when things go well and not be too low when things go bad but it is hard on a day like today. I have been harping for Hawkins to get defensive line players because that was the missing piece of the puzzle. That need has been filled and then some by, in my estimation, the two best available players the Buffs have been in on this cycle. Hawkins stayed committed during Kasa's commitment to Florida and Nuckols love with Arizona to get the job done. Yes, their is doubts on game day coaching and I am the first to admit, my jury is still out on that subject but what he did today and what he has done on the recruiting front has been unbelievable, if not freakish, since he joined that day in December of 2005. CU has not had a winning season since he has gotten here for a number of reasons. How Hawkins has sold these kids to come to Boulder the last three years needs to be commended. Their is a long way to go in filling this class but once again, Hawkins has made us believe and right now, that is a breath of fresh air in what has been a pretty hard past couple of months.

Add Nuckols and Kasa to the list of top recruits to come to Boulder who were sold on the future, not the present. Who were sold on building a foundation and not joining. Sold on family, team and becoming a student-athlete. That kind of sell takes time and at first, doesn't match-up to the Florida's of the world but it sticks with a kid as we have seen in the past with Hawkins.

Tomorrow, I will go over the importance of Kasa to this program and what he and Nuckols will do for this team. Tonight, it is time to celebrate, call your Buff buddies and talk about the future and believe that today will lead to brighter days in the future. Today, will get the rest of the Big 12 talking about Colorado, that is for sure.

Let's just hope these two young men stick with their commitments to the Buffs. If we have learned anything, it's not over until that letter is signed! Let's hope that momentum is building and more will fall into place.

Shoulder to Shoulder...Go Buffs!