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WR Diante Jackson Chooses Colorado!

Diante couldn't wait until tomorrow! We just got a text message from him and here is how the conversation went down:

Diante Jackson: I'm ready to make my decision now.

FSU logo: Nice! Are you wearing black and gold?

Diante Jackson: YES SIR!

FSU logo: Congrats man! We are looking forward to seeing you do your thing in Boulder! Is it alright if I tell the world? We would like to talk to you tomorrow if you have time. Can't wait til spring ball DJ!


Congratulations Diante. I know we are all looking forward to you wearing the black and gold!

Here is some information on Diante Jackson, the 4* WR from California:

Recruiting Breakdown

The Exclusive Ralphie Report Audio Interview With Diante Himself

Just wanted to let all of you who worry about us talking to recruits that Woodrow and I don't donate to the University of Colorado or even have season tickets (too poor!). We both don't have any financial affiliation at all, just Denver residents who are Buff fans. We made sure with multiple sources including recruiting services like that what we were doing was by the rule of the book with the NCAA. We would never impact the Buffs in a negative way.

That being said, let's celebrate! Happy New Year's Buff fans!!!!!!!!