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The Ralphie Report College Pick'em Standings - Week 2

This week wasn't supposed to be difficult at all, I expected many 15 - 0, 14 -1 scores but that is why college football is great. We had some pretty big upsets starting with the ECU win over West Virginia but also Georgia Tech, Minnesota, Vanderbilt and Akron won games that were considered upsets. Okay, maybe not Akron as Greg Robinson and the Syracuse Orange may be the most embarrassing team in FBS right now. Congrats to Buff Zag and buffenuf for going 11 - 4 this week and winning first for the week (Buff Zag wins tiebreaker). Overall, bigcountry is still holding down the fort with a 23 - 7 record with NZBuffs, Grandpa Buffaloes and BuffZag rounding out the top 4. This upcoming week has a bunch of great matchups so we have decided that this week's winner will win a $25 gift card to the ESPN store so get your picks in. If  you haven't signed up, you are still eligible to win the gift card as well as other prizes in the future because we will be giving prizes away based on weekly scores not the overall year. he name of the pool is The Ralphie Report and the password is Buffs. Right now bigcountry is in the lead for the big year end giveaway of a Buffs Jersey or something of equivalent value. Below are the week 2 top 15 and the overall leaders for the year.