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Big Day for the Ralphie Report Yesterday

I can't believe it is Thursday already. I promise to get EWU reviews and predictions out by tomorrow night. Work has been crazy this week. In the meantime, here are some morning links to get you going. Just a reminder, if you did your college pick'em picks before yesterday, please re-do them as we had to make an adjustment and all picks were lost. Remember you can still join the pick'em challenge as we will be doing 3 - 4 weekly winners.

Big day on the Ralphie Report yesterday as Tim Griffin mentioned our blog on the world wide leader, ESPN. Thanks to Tim for highlighting the story. We hope to keep producing enough material that is ESPN worthy so hopefully Tim keeps doing this feature and checking back in with us!

Tim also did a "Who's Hot, Who's Cold" feature on the Big 12 yesterday that gave a shout out to the five sack performance of the defensive line last Sunday. Probably only one pressure sack of the bunch and four coverage sacks but in the end, a sack is a sack. I think our "Hot" man was Josh Smith.

Nice interview done by Kyle Ringo of Scout/Boulder Daily Camera with EWU head coach Beau Baldwin (good football coach's name) discussing Texas Tech last week and Colorado this week. The Buffs need to force turnovers like the Raiders did to make sure they keep control of pass happy EWU. I do like the fact that he thinks Colorado is a more physical team and that would be difficult for his team to match:

Impressions of Colorado and what they look like in comparison with Texas Tech?

Baldwin: "They are somewhat similar. They both have excellent quarterbacks. No one is exactly just like Texas Tech. Colorado is spreading it out more. They have a lot of great skill players. Overall, Colorado is more of a physical team. That will be a challenge for us. They are well-coached, have a lot of good players. They are going to be right in the hunt in their conference. It's a tough ball game''


Good story about Freshman DL Curtis Cunningham. The Buffs were hoping to redshirt him this year but they couldn't keep him off the field in the CSU game.

With a lead off line like this - "Colorado sophomore Josh Smith admits to having nicknamed himself "J-Fly" in high school to "impress the ladies," of course"you have to want to read the article. You should really want to read it as it shows Smith's transformation from just a talent to a student of the game.

Buffs want to speed up the no huddle more? Let's get it under control first and then crank it up. But the idea of letting the altitude play its part on the defense is something that we will need to do against West Virginia.

45,000 fans expected for the game against FCS opponent Eastern Washington...not bad. Neil Woelk thinks it is because of how electric the Buffs have become...and he is right. Everyone wants to see it for themselves.

More mentions of that bad day against Montana State and the preparation for Eastern Washington  herehere and here.