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The Ralphie Report College Pick'em Standings - Week 1

So the first week has come and gone and while I am proud of the Buffs win, I am not very proud of my picks. What was I thinking with Rutgers, Clemson, Michigan, UTEP, Tennessee and Louisville. I got a long way to go to catch up to the leaders. Props to bigcountry, NZBuff's abd Grandpa's Buffalo has they put up excellent scores for week one in which their were a couple of  upsets. Week 2 picks should be up soon as Woodrow narrows down his choices and all the betting lines are published. So their are going to be multiple ways to win prizes with the winner of the entire pick'em winning a CU jersey or something of equivalent value from the CU bookstore. We will also be picking 3 or 4 weeks this year that we deem as having the best and the toughest set of games to pick and the individual who has the best winning % will be given a prize. So if you haven't signed up yet, do it because their will be more chances to win on a week to week basis.

Also, we had to adjust the pick'em games yesterday so for those of you who already picked before today, please go back in and pick from the games that we have listed as your initial picks were deleted