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Monday Buff Bites - Here Comes Conference Play


It's Big 12 time! Like we have already discussed, all of us would have been happy if we were told that we would enter conference play at 3-1 before the season started so it's time to let go of the missed opportunities in Jacksonville and move on to a huge game against the Texas Longhorns.  In a weird scheduling quirk, conference play begins with the six ranked teams facing off against the six that aren't. Playing a ranked team in Boulder on this same week didn't stop us last year and there's no reason to think that we can't do it again.

Cody Hawkins says he has moved on from the disappointment of the Florida State game and is gearing up for Texas. Let's hope that  he is speaking the truth, because we need him to play lights out to take advantage of a still untested Longhorn secondary.

Colorado certainly doesn't need any extra motivation to get up for a game against the #5 team in the country, but that doesn't mean that the Buffaloes have forgotten the 70-3 shellacking that they took in the 2005 Championship game.

"I can remember looking up in the third quarter thinking, 'Man, they might score a hundred. We got to stop these guys,' " [Patrick] Williams said. "That was a very good football team and I take my hat off to them, but I have never felt more embarrassed. My family was there and that was a big-time game on a big stage."

As someone who moved here from Texas, I think this is a plain dumb ass comment by Mack.

"The air will be light, I know that," he said. "It will be full cause it's been full every time we've been up there. There is enough Texans that move to Colorado for the summer so there is a natural rivalry between the two.

Wait, what?  Texans moving to Colorado doesn't have a thing to do with any rivalry between the Longhorns and Buffaloes.  The rivalry was created when CU knocked them out of a BCS game in 2001 and magnified with the massacre in 2005.

As we have heard, Ryan Miller is out for the year.  The good news is that it doesn't sound like he will lose a year of eligibility for the time that he has missed this year.

Hawkins confirmed during Monday morning's Big 12 conference call that Miller will not be able to return this season. He added that Miller will "be able to get" a medical hardship waiver so he will come back in 2009 with three years of eligibility remaining.

The article above also confirms that the matchup with the Jayhawks in two weeks will be televised on ESPN2 at 10:30.

Crimson and Cream Machine has a good look at the Big 12 Offensive and Defensive stats so far this season. It will be interesting to see how both Missouri and Oklahoma State's defenses hold up now that they are playing against some of the best offense's in the country.

Texas senior fullback Luke Tiemann will have season-ending surgery to repair a torn ACL in his left knee.  He didn't really contribute outside of special teams, but we know all to well how hard it can be to lose a player for the season.

The #18 Lady Buffalo soccer team fought to a 1-1 tie with #11 ranked Oklahoma State on Sunday in Boulder. Colorado moved to 8-1-2 overall and 2-0-1 in the Big 12.

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