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The College Version of the PUP List

Okay, not exactly like the PUP list. More like the Physically/Academically/Suspended/Left Team (PASLTUP List) Unable to Perform List. Whatever you want to call it, the list is about 26 players long filled with members of the team that have missed game time due to various reason. Of course all of these players weren't going to make huge impacts for the Buffs this year but injuries to starters like OT Ryan Miller, OG Max Tuioti-Mariner and CB Ben Burney along with many potential starter/important backups make this Buffs team even younger and less experienced. I am amazed how many reserves we expected something from this year are on the list especially offensive linemen. Going into Big 12 play, a major concern is the depth of the line and the ability to find dependable play makers. Another major injury like the one to Ryan Miller against Florida State could put this season in jeopardy. I already feel the loss of Miller and Tuioti-Mariner may cost this team a game this year. Also, the list does not include the teams red shirt players that weren't caused by injury or suspension.

Who is the current player that we cannot afford to lose? Is it Rodney "Speedy" Stewart? Cody Hawkins? Nate Solder? Let The Ralphie Report know so we can start buying rabbit foots, saying prayers, performing rituals in that player's name


Status Depth Name Pos Description
Ineligible Backup Simas, Markques WR Would have played this year
Ineligible Backup Tau, Sione OT Backup but would have seen time
Ineligible Backup Vaiomounga, Nate OLB Special Teamer/Backup
Ineligible Backup Erick Faatagi OG Backup/Starter
Ineligible Red Shirt Katoa, Lynn ILB Legal & Academic Issues
Ineligible Total       5 PLAYERS
Injury Starter Burney, Benjamin CB Out for Year Shoulder
Injury Starter Dykes, D.J. S Sickness, missed WVU game
Injury Starter Geer, Riar TE Knee Surgery, out first two games
Injury Starter Miller, Ryan OT Broken Ankle out 6 - 8 weeks
Injury Starter Tuioti-Mariner, Max OL ACL Injury
Injury Starter Brace, Jason DE Missed FSU/Concussion
Injury Backup Beatty, B.J. OLB Fractured Leg
Injury Backup Espinoza, Jason WR Starting PR/Broken Collarbone/Out
Injury Backup Hudgins, Drew DE ACL Injury/Poss Starter/Out for Year
Injury Backup Iltis, Mike OG ACL Injury/Poss Starter/Out for Year
Injury Backup Scott, Darrell TB Knee Injury/Limited Play this Year
Injury Backup Smith, Jimmy CB Back Spasms/Missed First 3 games
Injury 3rd String Smith, Bret S Limited Impact/Special Teamer
Injury 4th String Walters, Luke TE Limited Impact/Special Teamer
Injury 4th String Adams, Joel S Limited Impact/Special Teamer
Injury Red Shirt Lockridge, Brian TB Sports Hernia/Special Team Player
Injury Red Shirt Major, Jon ILB ACL Injury
Injury Total       17 INJURED
Suspended Starter Head, Devin OG Suspended for WVU game/Starter
Suspended Backup Adkins, Ethan OT Suspended Indefinitely
Suspended Total       2 SUSPENDED
Left Team Backup Celestine, Kendrick
WR Family Issues/Playing Time Issues
Left Team Backup Maiava, Kai
OG/FB Angry with Switching Positions
Left Team Total       2 LEFT TEAM