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The Blogpoll and Big 12 Ralphie Report Rankings - Week 5

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma 1
2 Alabama 12
3 Missouri 2
4 LSU 2
5 Texas 4
6 Penn State 1
7 Southern Cal 6
8 Brigham Young 2
9 Texas Tech 2
10 Auburn 2
11 Georgia 7
12 Florida 9
13 South Florida 3
14 Kansas 3
15 Connecticut 4
16 Wisconsin 8
17 Ohio State 3
18 Wake Forest 5
19 Virginia Tech 4
20 Georgia Tech 1
21 Vanderbilt 1
22 Oklahoma State 2
23 Utah 3
24 Northwestern 2
25 Tulsa 1


Dropped Out: Clemson (#15), TCU (#18), Colorado (#25).

Explanations on the movement and my Big 12 Rankings after the jump...

Other teams that I considered for my rankings (in order):
26) Oregon
27) Cincinnati
28) TCU
29) North Carolina
30) Arizona


- Obviously the big question was who should be number 1? Alabama certainly has the best resume of any team to date but I still feel like OU is the better and this poll is supposed to be solely based on the strength of the teams.
- I gave USC the benefit of the doubt over the other two top 5 losers due to the fact that they lost on the road.  Georgia certainly lost to the best oppenent but they also looked the worst doing it. You just don't start that poorly at home in one of your biggest games of the year.
- South Florida had an impressive win over NC State, but I still haven't seen anything that makes me believe that they could beat even a one loss Florida or Georgia team.
- UCONN continues to creep up on the rankings, if they can take care of a solid (now that Sexton has taken over for Paulus) Tar Heel squad in Chapel Hill then they have to considered for the top 10.
- I still don't feel like Utah is as good as their record indicates, but I look forward to this week's game against Oregon State. The Utes will tell us a lot this week.

As always you can view the chart showing the picks for the entire year and below you can see how I rank the Big 12.


Week 5 Big 12 Rankings

The Sooners take over the number 1 spot this week off of a fantastic performance by Sam Bradford and Manuel Johnson. TCU sold out to stop the running game and Oklahoma had no problem going to the air.

Missouri had the week off and moved into the top three of the coaches poll. This is a team that now holds it's National Championship destiny in it's hands as it heads into Lincoln for a huge game.

The Longhorns continue to mow through one opponent after another. If they win easily in Boulder than the OU-Texas game the following week could be epic.

Shannon Woods and the Texas Tech offense must be drooling over the prospect of facing a K-State defense that has been gashed the two previous weeks.

The Kansas loss to South Florida looks a bit better now after the Bulls rolled an average NC State team. The Jayhawks should beat the Cyclones easily before a brutal stretch of Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

Oklahoma State got their revenge and then some against Troy, scoring over 50 points for the third straight game. The victory also earned the Pokes a visit to the Top 25.

Cody Hawkins and the Buffaloes feel like they gave one away in Jacksonville this week. They need to get over it quickly with Texas, Kansas and Missouri over the next 4 games.

The Cornhuskers couldn't get it done at home against the Virginia Tech Hokies not forcing a single turnover. Missouri comes to Lincoln on Saturday looking for their first win in a very long time.

The Bears will welcome the Sooners to Waco after 15 days to prepare. Unfortunately no amount of time could help Baylor put up a fight against this Oklahoma team.

Ron Prince and the Wildcat defense continued to struggle for the second straight week. Don't expect much improvement when the Red Raiders come to town.

The Aggies struggled against lowly Army for the second straight work, but Mike Sherman has to be relieved to at least have his first victory at Kyle Field.

Iowa State welcomes the Jayhawks to town this week before facing Robert Griffin and Baylor in the annual cellar bowl next week (unless of course the Aggies have something to say about that).