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Almost Game Day Buff Bites

Why does America (myself included) think that USC is automatically going to run through the Pac-10 year after year when the evidence from the last three years proves otherwise? I know that they have been very, very good this decade but so have a lot of other elite teams that aren't afforded that free pass in the public eye. It doesn't seem to stop either. All I have been reading today is "Can a one loss USC team still make the National Championship game?"  No one even questions the possibility that they could be a two or three loss USC team by the end of the season.  Yes, the Pac-10 has looked anything but solid so far, but that Oregon State team certainly hadn't done anything this year to cause people to believe in the upset before last night.

Head over and read our responses to questions from two different Seminole blog, Tomahawk Nation and Nole Spear It, now. These guys made us think on quite a few of their questions and I think you will enjoy them.

As you have most likely heard, there are more than a few Buffaloes who are returning home for this weekend's showdown.  Patrick Ridgell breaks it down and talks about this unique opportunity for the Buffs.

Through three games we are starting to see the Colorado offense start to take shape, but I would be surprised if any Buff fan could tell what the unit will look like at the end of the season with a straight face. Against a fantastic Florida State defense, that could be even better than it was against Wake Forest, Colorado find the offensive balance it will need?

In Tim Griffin's weekly "What to Look For In the Big 12" the Buffaloes are highlighted twice:

2. Colorado's backfield combination against Florida State's defense -- Heralded TB Darrell Scott has been hampered recently with a knee injury. His backup Rodney Stewart took advantage of his absence to rush for 166 yards against West Virginia last week. With Scott returning to health, I'm curious how coach Dan Hawkins divvies up the carries. It will be interesting to see an improving Colorado offensive line work against a Florida State defense that will be returning four more veteran defenders back from suspension and has allowed only one touchdown this season.

9. Colorado's adaptability to the hot sticky climate in Jacksonville -- The Buffaloes played their best football down the stretch in a comeback victory over Eastern Washington and in overtime last week against West Virginia. Can those late rallies continue in the expected heat and humidity Saturday against Florida State? Coach Dan Hawkins and the Colorado training staff has had them drinking green Gatorade throughout the week to get ready. Will those preparations keep them from wearing down against the Seminoles?

We added a new widget on the left hand side of the site that shows the standings for The Ralphie Report Pick 'Em league. I better be on that front page after this weekend or I might have to take it down...

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