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Prediction Time! Florida State Seminoles vs Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado_helmet_medium VS. Florida_st_medium

Colorado Buffaloes (3-0, 0-0) vs Florida State Seminoles (2-1, 0-1)

September 27th, 2008 1:30pm

Radio - 850 KOA / TV - ABC Regional

I am sticking to my statement that this game is bigger than the Texas game next week. This is the Buffaloes answer game. Instead of regurgitate what questions are to be answered this week, check it out. All I have to say in summary is that the Buffs toughness will definitely be tested on Saturday. I am eager to see the progression from last year's game against FSU to this year's game. This FSU team will be similar to last year's team; strong on defense and sub par on offense.

So how are the Buffs going to win this game? First look back at our two part Q&A with Tomahawk Nation and 'Noles Spear It to familiarize yourself with how FSU fans view this game (Part1 and Part2). Next look at what the Ralphie Report's offensive and defensive breakdowns. There are also posts sprinkled in all week about FSU including the attendance, or lack there of, for the game in Jacksonville. Below are my keys to the game and impact players. Like I said in the fan post, we will be on the live game thread at the Ralphie Report all day tomorrow so stop on by.

So Buffs fans, here is your forum...what is your prediction?

Keys to the game and our predictions after the jump...

CU's Keys to the Game

  1. Follow the Oregon State Upset Blue Print - Protect the ball and establish a running game early. The Beavers didn't do anything flashy or didn't waver from challenging the Trojans upfront. The FSU defense would love for the Buffs to run reverses deep in the backfield or any play that prevents the Buffs from moving forward quickly. Cody Hawkins has thrown a pick in 15 of his 17 starts as a quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes. He needs to break that trend. Don't give the FSU offense a short field and momentum just like Oregon State prevented USC from getting last night. Who makes the most mistakes will go a long way in determing the outcome of this game.
  2. Win the Battle in the Trenches - Leverage is going to be a key term in this game. The phrase low man wins will be something I watch for all game. FSU is excellent on defense with their ability to overpower the offensive line with leverage as well as use their speed to create mismatches. The Buffs will have to be fundamentally sound with no mental lapses against an opportunistic defense. Keep the line of scrimmage moving forward and the Buffs will be successful on offense.
  3. Don't Make FSU's Offense Better Than They Are - Play disciplined football. No bad penalties, no dropped interceptions and be solid tacklers. Give FSU no help on offense and the Buffs should have a good day stopping the 'Noles from being productive. And for god's
  4. Make Ponder/Richardson/The Guy in the Third Row See Ghosts - These FSU quarterbacks are one interception away from falling apart. The Buffs defense should throw the entire kitchen sink at them. Make the quartberbacks overthink and underplay.
  5. Go Positive - I used this last week and I am pretty sure it is going to be in the 5 spot the entire year. If you remember my review of the offense after the EWU game, I said the inherent problem with the CU offense was their first down offense. The Buffs need to get in 2nd and manageable situations. The Florida State defense wants to be aggressive and the Buffs will play into that if they are consistently 2nd and long.
  6. Out Physical'em - FSU will punch you in the mouth. How will CU respond? Send the message early that you aren't here to get pushed around.

This Week's 5 or so Key/Impact Players

  1. OT Nate Solder - He will draw the difficult task of #99 DE Everette Brown. You can start right here to see how the game will end up. If the Buffs have to dedicate a lot of resources in helping Solder, this offense will become even less dynamic.
  2. RB Darrell Scott - It's time. This is his coming out party. He grew up in Florida, he idolized FSU. This is the time. Let's shut up all of those "prognosticators" that say you have been a disappointment. Show your physicality.
  3. QB Cody Hawkins - No interceptions, no fumbles, no bad sacks. Protect the ball, wear down the defense, keep the offense moving forward and be a good decision maker. Most important, be the leader. There are a lot of young guys on this team including Hawkins but he needs to be the calm in the huddle from the first play in a big game on the road.
  4. Cha'pelle Brown and the Rest of the CU Corners - Continue to prove the doubters (I am in that boat) wrong. This is a talented group of wide receivers, probably the most talented set of wide receivers the Buffs will play all year. Limit the big play. This squad should have a minimum goal of 2 interceptions
  5. LB Brad Jones and DL George Hypolite - You are the key to making the quarterbacks see ghost. Wreak havoc all day up front.

Prediction Time

Buffs win 19 - 12. No ryhme or reason other than I don't believe FSU's offense is any good. You know the great thing about college football is that FSU played Wake Forest last week and looked horrible doing it. Then all week you hear how talented FSU is with their speed and size. Then you think about the Wake game and you remember they still have to play the game. FSU has all the talent in the world but it translates to the Wake Forest game. Let's get to 4 - 0 with another statement win, spoil Bobby Bowden's 500th game and get ready for those Longhorns next weekend.