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Mid Week Buff Bites

So who is sick of hearing about Florida State and not enough talk about Colorado? All of this talk about how they are going to be a motivated team this week and how it is a bigger game for the Seminoles. How Christian Ponder will be better and how these suspended players are going to come in and give FSU the emotional boost they need to become successful. It's as if Florida State has won 3 of the last 4 National Championships. I didn't know what motivational card Hawkins would play at the beginning of the week but now I am thinking he is going to be using the under appreciated card. All the talk about FSU is letting CU scoot under the radar and it seems as if FSU is more worried about defending their players and coaches rather than focusing on the Buffs. Love the spot.

Here is some literature hot off the press. I will start the offensive and defensive previews tomorrow, maybe today. We will be hosting Q&A sessions from Tomahawk Nation and 'Noles Spear It. I am excited to get two answers to all the questions to see how FSU fans feel about their team. So stay tuned for a lot of good reads coming your way to get you prepared for the game Saturday in Jacksonville.

Look what Ron Prince made his Kansas State defense do after the Louisville game...and it wasn't the next day, it was at 3am when they got home!

Several Kansas newspapers have described how Prince made his defensive players run a series of 38 50-yard sprints -- one for each point the Cardinals scored in the game the previous night -- as soon as they arrived home at 3 a.m.

Kansas State players were instructed not to talk about the punishment, but several players did anyway.

Coach Hawkins sits down with media for this FSU luncheon. Is it me or does he never get old to read about. I feel smarter after reading his quotes. That's a good thing because I felt dumber at reading Bill Stewart's quotes and we all know what position he is in.

On Going To A Nike Function In Aruba, During His Time At Boise State—"When you first go to any of those venues you’re obviously very stunned, because there’s all the icons of college football; you’re not sure whether you should leave or to get someone a drink or ask for an autograph. We were on a boat and I was looking around. Bobby Bowden said, ‘What are you looking at?’ I said that I was just looking around at all of these guys, thinking what in the heck am I doing here? He just said, ‘Hey, you’re one of the boys now.’ I looked over at Misti going, ‘I’m one of the boys!’ I think Joe Paterno was on that trip, Urban Meyer was too; it’s kind of like a who’s who of coaches. Like I said, I was going, ‘What am I doing on the boat? Maybe I’m supposed to be scrubbing the deck or something, I don’t know."

Looks like the Buffs will play two early season nationally televised non-conference games on weekday nights next year. We assume West Virginia would be one game but the other one is still up in the air.

You think any current coach, other than JoePa or Bobby Bowden, will last 500 games? It is an amazing feat to have survived that long.

It is safe to say that if the Buffs become one dimensional again like they did last year, Florida State will win this game. Cody Hawkins threw for over 300 yards but the Buffs ran the ball 25 times for a (gulp) total of negative 27 yards. Florida State knows that this Buffs team is more experienced and talented than they were last year.

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