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The Ralphie Report College Pick'em Standings - Week 4

Yours truly finally got a win. I was getting pretty embarrassed that Woodrow and I hadn't won a week yet. We were definitely destroying our credibiility every week we didn't finish at the top. Well, I am proud to announce that the monkey is now off the back. I now know what Steve Young was going through. I finished 13 - 2 for the week with kmchugh, Grandpa Buffalo, bigcountry and rubuffenuff finishing one game back at 12 - 3.


As for the overall standings, bigcountry just won't give anybody a chance to catch up. He has a three game lead as we are a week or so away from getting into conference play. Grandpa Buffalo is also staying consistent holding down second place after BuffZag had a slip this week but he remains right behind bigcountry.Get your picks in for week 5! Ten people had already made their picks before today but you will need to remake them since the games listed were not the correct games. Good luck!