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Monday Morning Buff Bites

I wish I had seen this on Thursday, George Hypolite talking about the West Virginia game with The Sporting News.

We aren't going to be able to win the game this week against the Florida State if we can't get the running game going like we did against West Virginia.  We have been saying for weeks that we need ot see more I formation from Colorado and let's hope that the trend continues.

I guess we could be upset that we were left out of both polls this week, but if we can take care of business in Jacksonville I don't think that we will be disappointed next Sunday.

The bad news is that the Colorado has to prepare for three different quarterbacks aganist Florida State this weekend, all with very different playing styles.  The good news is that none of them are playing well this year, earning a D for their performance against Wake Forest.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram talks about the rising and falling teams in the Big 12, including the Buffs as one of the squads on the up, while Tim Griffin from the WWL ranks the Big 12 this week only differing from TRR in the last two spots. Griffin also mentions the youth on the current Buffalo team and the bright future that lies ahead next season.

TV on the Radio - Halfway Home

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