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The Blogpoll and Big 12 Ralphie Report Rankings - Week 4

Other teams that I considered for my rankings (in order):
26) Utah
27) Illinois
28) Oregon
29) Cincinnati


- The highest movement was at the number 4 spot. Georgia jumped back above Missouri on the strength of their road victory combined with the Missouri's first half struggles against Buffalo.
- Penn State jumps into the top 10 with another destruction of an overmatched team. Illinois could be in for a long Saturday in State College next weekend.
- Pretty sure that Florida State's offense is going to be awful again, but holding them to 3 points in Tallahassee was an impressive feat for the Demon Deacons.
- I somehow ranked Clemson over Alabama last week, you guys are supposed to catch me on those things :) Alabama is now one spot ahead of Clemson at 14.
- Five new teams were added to the top 25 this week. Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State and your Colorado Buffaloes.

As always you can view the chart showing the picks for the entire year and below you can see how I rank the Big 12.

Week 4 Big 12 Rankings

Bob Stoops has lost in Norman just twice in his 10 year career, and one of those losses came at the hands of TCU. The players and fans will be looking for revenge and that is not a good thing for the Horned Frogs.

Buffalo was able to hang close in the first half with the help of some Tiger fumbles. Missouri gets a week off before heading to Lincoln for a huge showdown with the Cornhuskers.

Colt McCoy set the University of Texas record for career touchdown passes in rolling a solid Rice team 52-10. Arkansas looks like a great team for Texas to get their running game going against.

Mike Leach called out his two offensive stars last week, but it was dimunitive running back Shannon Woods who stole the show against UMASS. Woods finished with 108 yards and 3 TD's.

Rhett Bomar got his last taste of the Big 12 conference, throwing three picks as the Jayhawks rolled. Kansas still didn't field a 100 yard rusher however.

Next week we will at least have something to compare with the Pokes as Ohio State just had a tougher than expected time with Troy. Can Oklahoma State be upset again?

Looks like we will have another defensive struggle in Tallahassee next week. While the Florida State offense looked bad, their defense was flying all over the field and will be a tough matchup for the Buffs.

Nebraska needs to beat the Hokies at home to announce that they are for real. If both CU and NU win could the Big 12 have 8 teams in the top 25? It's not too much of a stretch

Fantastic performance for the Bears on the road. While it's apparent that they still have a lot of growing up to do, at least they have a reason for hope for the first time in a while.

Kansas State's retooled defense got thouroughly gashed by the Louisville running game. What had been a great start now brings doubt back into Manhattan.

Mike Sherman didn’t get it done for his University President. Not by a long shot, Jerrod Johnson started to look better in the 4th quarter but this team still has a ways to go.

Valiant comeback attempt by the Cyclones, scoring 28 points in the second half to send the contest to overtime. The ISU defense couldn’t keep UNLV out of the end zone, sending them to their 13th straight road loss.