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Late Night Buff Bites

Buffs kicker Jameson Davis will permanently be the kickoff man for the team this year after being rather successful in getting a couple touchbacks. The key will be consistency as we saw what could happen if you don't get the ball in the end zone.

Another one of those lists that rates Ralphie as a top 5 mascot.

The Buffs need to focus on tiding up the offensive mistakes before we become believers that a non running quarterback can run the shotgun no huddle offense that has a trio of running backs who can be a staple of the Buffs' offense. I felt the Buffs really didn't know what they wanted to be Sunday night. That being said I have read from multiple sources that the Buffs pulled out only about a fifth of their offense so we will have to wait and see.

The Buffs next opponent, Eastern Washington Eagles, will use their "promising performance" last week to keep their confidence high for CU. More to come on EWU but it sounds like they depend heavily on the air attack, throwing for 341 yards of the total 364. On the other side of the ball, Texas Tech was able to put 639 yards up on the Eagles with 536 coming through the air. I would take 400 yards for the Buffs in a heart beat.

The Daily Camera provides a brief outlook on EWU. We will be previewing the defense of the Eagles tomorrow.

I wouldn't call EWU quarterback Matt Nichols performance sparkling last week. I would call him a quarterback who threw 61 times for 341 yards which is 5.6 yards/attempt and he also threw 3 INT. No doubt the former Big Sky conference player of the year is a good player but don't let the yards daunt you too much. I mean Cody Hawkins yards/attempt was 7.4. Ball control will help the Buffs slow the potential explosiveness of the Eagles. That being said, I think this game will be closer than the CSU game.

The EWU Eagles impressed Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

Even though EWU QB Nichols had a 59% completion percentage, the thought of 61 attempts scares the Buffs especially with CB Jimmy Smith's back spasms lingering and CB Anthony Wright nursing an ankle injury. Depth could be a problem, especially with multiple receiver formations.

Can the Buffs really be the 5th best team in the Big 12? This is way to premature to put the Buffs ahead of Kansas and Texas Tech. Lets win a game against a decent opponent and then we will start the comparison.