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Buff Bites - The Day After Links

Well that was one hell of a game. Halfway through the first quarter I thought we might be in for a shootout reminescent of the Cowboys - Eagles game last Monday night, but it didn't exactly turn out that way. Bill Stewart and his coaching staff is going to take a lot of heat for their coaching performance last night, especially their inept play calling on third downs.  The Colorado defense deserves a lot of credit for being able to step it up on several big downs. I've already started debating whether or not I am going to move CU into my top 25. I think it's going to depend a lot on what happens with the teams at the bottom this weekend because I'm not sure the win was big enough for me to jump them over any teams that win. Here is some of the next day fallout...

Pete Thamel of the New York times quotes the differences in this victory and last years over the Oklahoma Sooners.

"The thing we were talking about with our staff was, ‘O.K., you jump and beat Oklahoma, but that kind of came out of nowhere,’ " he said. "This is a little bit more of a game where people will go, ‘Well, you know, Colorado is getting it going.’ I think there’s a whole different tenor on that deal. So I think it was different that way."

Dan Hawkins told the fans to arrive early for good reason, and the Buffs didn't disappointment.

CU cheerleader Dan Hawkins implored the Buffs Backers in Black to be in their seats at the very beginning early Thursday evening. "We're gonna start fast."


Colorado scored 14 points in the first 4:50.

Neil Woelk talks about the quality of the win last night and the CU's never say die attitude. One, small error though, Pat White is NOT the best quarterback that the Buffs will face this season, not even close.

The Charleston Daily breakdowns the many near misses that cost West Virginia the game.

Finally, I thought of the perfect choice for our daily jam, as this is almost certainly what was going through Bill Stewart's head as he was trying to figure out how to manage the clock...

Public Image Ltd - Rise