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Late Wednesday Buff Bites

In less than 24 hours I will be in Boulder starting the party for the West Virginia game and the excitment is becoming overwhelming.  Here's some quick links to tide you over.

I know it may be your style Hawk, but I don't know if my heart could take it if you pulled a Shanahan tomorrow night.

I'm not sure if enough credit is being given to the return of Riar Geer tomorrow night.  The guy is a player and he gives Hawkins that safety net that we know he will need. In my mind Geer presence in the lineup more than makes up for the return of Reed Williams.

A quick review of the game from the gambler's point of view.

I am glad that Bill Stewart doesn't like the word "swagger".  Hopefully the Mountaineers show up without any.

Tim Griffin breaks out the Big 12 Mailbag and talks about the defense's quest for retribution.

What's that?  You thought The Ralphie Report only talked about football?   Shame on you, it's almost hockey season.

Before co-founding The Ralphie Report I was a writer on a music blog that covered the Austin and Denver music scenes (random locations, I know).  Since my former site is now deaceased I have been jonesing to post some good tunes (my opinion at least and figured I'd start a new feature that gave everyone an opportunity to hear some new music.  So without further ado, I present the first of many TRR Daily Jams...

Walter Meego - Forever

I will also be posting a concert calender widget to the site for those of you from Boulder/Denver so keep a look out.