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The Blogpoll and Big 12 Ralphie Report Rankings - Week 3

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Oklahoma --
3 Florida --
4 Missouri 2
5 Georgia --
6 LSU 1
7 Wisconsin 2
8 Texas 2
9 Auburn 1
10 Texas Tech 1
11 Brigham Young 3
12 Penn State 5
13 South Florida 3
14 East Carolina 1
15 Oregon 3
16 Kansas 1
17 Ohio State 13
18 Wake Forest 1
19 Clemson 1
20 Utah 1
21 Alabama 1
22 West Virginia 3
23 TCU 3
24 Fresno State 4
25 Connecticut 1


Dropped Out: Arizona State (#23), California (#24).

Explanations on the movement and my Big 12 Rankings after the jump...

Other teams that I considered for my rankings (in order):

26) Florida State
27) Illinois
28) Tennessee
29) Virginia Tech
30) North Carolina



- The top 3 remained the same.  Florida and Georgia both have opportunities to impress voters on the road this weekend against Tennessee and Arizona State respectively.
- Mizzou moved up two spots to number 4, jumping Ohio State and Georgia.  Nevada is a bowl team that played Texas Tech much much closer the week before.  The Tigers just look scary on offense right now.
- Auburn defeated Mississippi State in a 3-2 barn burner and fell below the Longhorns and Badgers.  
- BYU, South Florida, and Penn State all moved to the very top of what I consider to be my "second tier" teams.   I strongly considered moving all three of them ahead of Texas Tech but I'm going to give it some more time before I shuffle things around.  I just can't get a read on the Red Raiders yet but Im not sure they are as good as I thought they would be.
- Kansas only fell one spot to number 16, one spot ahead of the brusied Ohio State Buckeyes.  If the Jayhawks could get some sort of a running game going I feel like they could be a top ten team.
- TCU and UCONN are the new additions to this week's pool, but both stays could be short lived as I expect Baylor (yes, Baylor) to give the Huskies a test on Friday and TCU travels to Oklahoma in two weeks.

As always you can view the chart showing the picks for the entire year and below you can see how I rank the Big 12.


Week 3 Big 12 Rankings

Another week, another fantastic performance for Sam Bradford and the Sooner offense. Now Oklahoma has a week off before the revenge game against a solid and (likely unbeaten) TCU squad.

The Tigers took it to the Wolfpack in Columbia, looking much more impressive than Tech doing so. Buffalo is an improved program under Turner Gill, but they don't stand much chance of slowing the Missouri offense.

Texas' game with Arkansas was postponed creating a gauntlet of Rice, Arkansas, @ Colorado, OU in Dallas and Missouri.  Ouch.

Tech has a bye week (UMASS) and then a bye week before going to Kansas State in two weeks.  Really wish they would schedule a decent OOC game so that we wouldn't have to wait 6 weeks into the season to figure out how good they can be.

The Jayhawks didn't lose any credibility in their loss to South Florida.  Reesing is the real deal and they will be a force in the Big 12 race if they can find a running game.

The Cowboys continued to roll over another thoroughly overmatched opponent.  I didn't realize that college football had a preseason…

One of two nationally televised Big 12 games prior to Saturday has the Wildcats traveling to Louisville Wednesday night. This will be a good measuring stick that Kansas State needs to win

Nebraska finally played a complete game this weekend against New Mexico State. Virginia Tech comes to town in two weeks after facing UNC. If the Tarheels take care of businees the Huskers could be favored for that game.

4 Days. Both teams have had two weeks to prepare.  I can't wait to see what adjustments have been made.  Boulder is going to be ROCKING.

I don't care how bad Wazzou is. That was an impressive victory. If Baylor can go up to Storrs and at least keep the game close I may have to think my Big 12 survivor picks for the season…

The Aggies victory over the Lobos looks even better now that NM knocked off Arizona. Im not quite sure that Kyle Field can rattle Marve after he has already played in the Swamp.

The Cyclones are underdogs heading into their week 3 matchup with the Rebels in Vegas. If Iowa State is still holding out hope of reaching a bowl then they have to win this game.