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Kick Back and Watch Some Football Without Stress

Part of me is glad the Colorado Buffaloes are off today. No need to worry about schemes, the offensive line or how the Buffs will come out in the first half. Its going to be a nice relaxed Saturday with some pretty decent matchups to check in on all day. Woodrow has been driving a UHAUL for the past 3 days out to San Francisco and then he is going to catch the Oklahoma vs. Washington game so that is part of the reason our picks didn't get up yesterday. But how cool is that trip? Should be a nice day in Seattle with a high of 75 degrees...perfect weather for a blood bath. Woodrow and I both like Oklahoma to cover the 20.5 points that Washington is getting. Oklahoma has a bone to pick with the Pac 10 and the West Coast in general. With Bradford clicking on all cylinders its going to be a long day for the Huskies and soon to be unemployed Tyrone Willingham.

My game of the week...Fresno State and Wisconsin. USC and Ohio State will be good but a game that is between a 12 and 14 point spread is difficult to state as the game of the week. The Bulldog v. Badger game will be one of the more intense physical games you will see all year. Fresno State looked amazing against Rutgers but who hasn't looked good against Rutgers. Wisconsin had a tough first half against MAC team Marshall last week but rebounded in the second half to blow them out. Woodrow likes Wisconsin -2. I am taking Fresno State as this has been their circle game for the whole summer. Woodrow and I last week when we placed our bets both had Ohio State +10.5...don't we feel stupid now. But you know what, we are going to have to stick by our money bets. With little confidence, we will take Ohio State with the points.

Here are Woodrow and my other bets for the week.


Game Line Woodrow Irish
Rugters vs UNC -5 Rutgers NP
Kansas vs USF 3.5 Kansas Kansas
Vanderbilt vs Rice -7 Vandy Vandy
Oregon vs Purdue -7 Oregon Oregon
Oregon State vs Hawaii -12.5 Oregon State NP
Wisconsin vs Fresno State -2 Wisconsin Fresno State
California vs Maryland -14 California NP
ECU vs Tulane -13 ECU NP
Oklahoma vs Washington -20.5 OU OU
USC vs Ohio State -10.5 Ohio State Ohio State
Arizona vs New Mexico -10 Arizona NP
Arizona St vs UNLV -22.5 Arizona State NP
Baylor vs Washington State -3 Baylor Baylor
North Carolina St vs Clemson 18.5 NP Clemson
Michigan vs Notre Dame 2 NP Notre Dame

Your thoughts? What are you locks of the day. I will be here most of the day so if anyone wants to talk today's games, throw a few comments in here and lets enjoy the best week of college football yet.