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Pat White and ESPN - Could It Be An Advantage for the Colorado Buffaloes?

I know everyone is anticipating next Thursday night. The game will be on ESPN and football fanatics across the nation will be focusing on Boulder, Colorado as the Colorado Buffaloes entertain the West Virginia Mountaineers. It will definitely be a heated battle in the Rocky Mountains.

But will the Buffs have an advantage before the game even kicks off? We at the Ralphie Report believe in a separate sort of heat the the ESPN crew brings every Thursday night and Saturday night. A heat that is worth showing up to pregame that has nothing to do with giveaways or watching Darrell Scott warm-up. We at the Ralphie Report also believe in analyzing every single advantage that may aid the Buffs in claiming victories and we feel we may have something here.

So what is this heat that we have drawn out enough already...see after the jump


Man do I love that picture. That is right, Erin Andrews, ESPN hottie extraordinaire might be a possible advantage for the Buffs. Yes, we will all be waiting for an in person glimpse of Ms Andrews (no idea if she is married or not but her wikipedia page doesn't say so which is nice) but she may have more to offer CU. Remember this last year? That's right, West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Pat White and Erin Andrews had a moment last year where a kiss went down. Yes, I am jealous, we are all jealous. The quarterback told the local media that his little rendezvous was"between me and her," White said, a little shocked that someone caught the interlude, before breaking into a sly smile. A few seconds later, he volunteered, "I almost fainted when she came up to me." Most men would faint.

I know, I am stretching it but get my logic here for a second. Bill Stewart has already come out this week and said that he doesn't believe in oxygen, preaching to his team that oxygen doesn't matter. I mean the guy ran forever at Air Force and it didn't affect him so why would it effect his young players. I personally think the altitude will affect his team but now we have someone who could take Pat White's breath away even more than the altitude will...Ms. Erin Andrews. It is a perfect situation. Pat's team is coming off a tough loss in which he will be embarrassed to explain in pregame to his "once a year lover" Erin Andrews. This will put added pressure on White and will force him into trying to do more with the ball than he should leading to turnovers. He will be distracted, trying to be in a position on the sideline so she can see him and possibly get an in-game interview. He will voluntarily decline coaching advice and team meetings on the sideline to be on the 25 yard line where Andrews views the game. If she ignores White, he will become irritable and frustrated putting his head in the wrong place and leading to a less than inspired performance.

Hey, having Erin Andrews on the sidelines can't hurt. Have you ever had a history with a women that wasn't awkward when you saw her a year point exactly.

Here's to Erin Andrews for being a Buff supporter!