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Gameday Buff Bites

Neil Woelk of the Daily Camera reiterates what we have being saying, the Buffs need to make  a statement today with programs going in two different directions.

Another confirmation that CSU Head Coach Steve Fairchild has put in so many plays that his teams head will be spinning come 5:30 tonight:

Fairchild has installed a multiple-set offense that already includes more than a dozen formations and upwards of 200 plays. And, offensive coordinator Greg Peterson said last week, they’ve “only scratched the surface” of what will be a deep and diverse playbook.

Great article about Cody Hawkins in the Denver Post. I think all those naysayers won't be naysayers after this year. He is a top 5 quarterback in the Big 12.

Daily Camera reviews today's Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Mark Kiszla of the Post makes his statement for keeping the game in Denver instead of moving it to the campuses. I think it will be falling on deaf ears.

Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera gives his take on the CSU v CU matchup comparing each unit when they are on the field. It's amazing how bad the CSU defense was last year. A pretty good read from Ringo.

Kory Sperry the ghost of the Rocky Mountain Showdown past? Well its fitting after he played fits with the CU secondary last year. Don't make him a mythical legend today. Be physical with him and always know where he is on the field. Having Farris as a new quarterback will aid CU in there coverage of Sperry.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the past Rocky Mountain Showdown's.