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First Saturday of the CFB Season Buff Bites

We can all take a deep breath and take in that Rocky Mountain air this morning as we have finally arrived. The first Saturday of college football is upon us and although we had football Thursday night, it's just not the same as that first Saturday morning when you get up, watch college gameday and at 10am MT, you are fully engulfed in CFB. God Bless, America!

CSU Ram starting running back Gartrell Johnson looks like is focusing on the party and not the game. I don't even know if CU can use this as bulletin board material?

Then on Friday morning at a pep rally with CSU players, cheerleaders and coaches of other sports, Gartrell Johnson -- the team's leading rusher and scorer in 2007 -- encouraged the drunk college student stereotype.

"We just want to get your guys' support and just come out and get drunk, talk sh** at CU fans and watch us kick their a**. Go Rams," Johnson, a senior, said.

With or without this quote, it is going to be a sh*t show at Invesco Sunday but still the administration is not going to be happy with Mr. Johnson.

College football report from the RMN. Mr. Hawkins always has some classy one liners.

I say this when I speak to a group of bankers: I think I know a little about banking, but you all know that you know something about coaching.

A look at the CU youth movement from the RMN. It looks like OL Bryce Givens and Will Pericak will be redshirted but on the ready to play list.


Ralphie V is benched for the game to avoid what happened at the spring game. Ralphie IV will run the 120 yard sprint at Mile High as they continue to try and train Ralphie V. Good choice. Give the Rams nothing to laugh about this week.

I think Buffs fans would take this prediction! I hope Graham Watson is right.

I have this fear that the grass at Invesco is going to be torched after the events that happened there this week and looking at the picture below, I hope that is not really the grass.


More on the beginning of the end to the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

CSU students ask to cleanup and sort trash for the Democratic National Convention. We have officially taken this going "green" thing too far.