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Game Week Buff Bites


Tons of links today. I tried to post only the best ones. Check out the Rocky Mountain News scouting reports if you want to get a better idea of the depth chart. I will post the keys of the game this afternoon and our picks against the spread so check back.

Buff and Big 12 Links

LB's Michael Sipili and Marcus Burton are grateful to be back on the field. Burton at 260lbs is a horse on the edge.

The one and only RB Darrell Scott sits down with and talks football and other random things.

The Rocky Mountain News put out a CU Scouting Report and they gave the running attack a C grade? The News gave the Rams passing game a C too with an inexperienced set of WR and QB? I don't get it. But they expect CU to win 7 or 8. Hawkins says the strongest part of their team is the defensive line. I sure hope so.

The Denver Post has put out a run down of the Big 12 this year.

Man am I worried about our cornerbacks, even more after I read this article.

Can't wait to see the new offense against a small defensive line and inexperienced cornerbacks. The Buffs might put up 40.


RB Brian Lockridge will redshirt this year finalizing the depth chart  - Sumler, Moyd, Scott, Stewart.

The electric WR Josh Smith has dreams off the field too. I dream of Smith having a 1,000+ yard season, 10 touchdowns and two punt returns for TD. But that just me.

Good rundown by Crimson and Cream Machine about the rest of the Big 12 games this weekend. Iowa State got off to a good start against a D-I AA team and the hype about Art Briles at Baylor will take a couple years I guess.

Colorado State Links

The Reporter Herald details the inexperience of the Rams corner backs' Oppenneer and Owens. This is a huge advantage for the Buffs. I expect WR Josh Smith to have a career day. Oppenneer might not even play this weekend due to an ankle injury.

The linebackers on the field Sunday for both units should be fun to watch.

If you read enough CSU publications, the more and more you realize the Buffs need to blow them out. I always thought they were pretty sane but after I read this article on Rivals, I found myself questioning the Rams ability to be realistic. If you have a subscription, read it. I wish I could post but it's a pay site, but here is the gist of it.

Rivals interviewed Tom Lacock, "expert" from, and the only that he said that scared me was that the Rams were splitting out Sperry to get mismatches, something that, as you know, has worried me. Other than that, this guy is a complete homer. He says he loves the running attack and QB Billy Farris, thinks the Rams defensive line is small, says the Rams are still on the learning curve and a little inexperienced but picks CSU to win 23 - 14. Pretty impressive pick for an 11 point spread for the Buffs. If he wasn't a homer, realistic and wanted CSU to win, he would have not picked the Rams by nine as that would be considered a blow out and this series doesn't have blowouts. Apparently the inexperienced defense is going to hold the new up tempo offense to 14 points. If the Buffs only score 14 points, its going to be a 4 win season.

If you're a Buffs fan, you love this article from the Denver Post  talking about the offensive style for Colorado State.

When Colorado State lists its offense as multiple, coaches are fudging. Every formation except the wishbone is on the chalkboard, and even then, offensive coordinator Greg Peterson said, "you never know down the road."

He was just kidding. Maybe.

"It's very multiple," said Peterson, also the Rams' receivers coach. "There's so much we have with the use of personnel in this offense with motions, formations, shifts and substitution of our players. We can put our playmakers in position to make plays."

Maybe it is just coach speak but anytime you mention new coach and a multiple offense, you get a scattered team who is not going to be successful in any facet of the game. Another thing that intrigues me is that the Rams have about 75% of the offense in so, once again, it tells me they are trying to do a lot with a new quarterback and inexperienced receivers. Once again, could be coach speak.

A little rivalry history for you on this Friday morning.


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