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Wednesday Evening Buff Bites

First things first, check out our breakdown of the CSU defense vs. the CU offense earlier this morning. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see different, added or removed. We are here for you so the more feedback you can give us, the better we can be. Second, join our college football pick'em challenge before it is too late. I promise you that there will be good prizes for the winners, definitely some CU gear at a minimum. Also, if you have any ideas for our t-shirt contest, get in on it and win a t-shirt. You give us an idea, you will likely get a t-shirt and if we pick yours, you definitely get one.

In honor of the democratic convention and all the protesting hippies currently occupying the city, here is a college football review by Woody Paige to get you all caught up. One other thing to all of you disturbing our nice city right now, please don't riot at Invesco Field Thursday night...we have a game to play Sunday so don't mess up the stadium.

Here is a good capsule of the Rocky Mountain Showdown put out by the Sports Network. Not a whole lot said about the Rams in this one. No one knows what they are going to do.


Need to get a quick refresher on the rest of the Big 12? The Dallas Morning News has a quick blurb about each of the teams.

The Rams kicking replacement for Jason Smith who broke his arm this week- FRESHMAN Ben DeLine. Shouldn't matter because if the game comes down to a field goal, the Buffs have problems. 

RB Demetrius Sumler talks about his rise to the top of the charts and RB Kevin Moyd talks about his surge to #2.

Set your TIVO -

A day in the life of ...

Former CU quarterback Joel Klatt, now a college analyst for FSN Rocky Mountain, shadowed Buffs quarterback Cody Hawkins for a day during preseason camp, following the sophomore to team meetings and as he prepared for an afternoon practice.

Hawkins also was mic'd during the practice, allowing viewers to listen to information relayed from the sidelines.

A Day in The Life of Cody Hawkins airs at 10 tonight on FSN Rocky Mountain, with a replay scheduled for 5 p.m. Friday. A condensed version will air during the pregame report at 5 p.m. Sunday.

CU commit QB Clark Evans' high school team was ranked #43 in the nation by Evans was the only player mentioned in the description. I think he is going to be something.

Crimson and Cream Machine, the Oklahoma SBNation site, has published the responses of the Big 12 Round Table responses. They didn't pick any of our answers.... and I am frankly disturbed that they published Corn Nations' answer (the Nebraska Blogs) about the standings of the Big 12 North. I am not going to say anything because it is early in the year and the guys are pretty nice over there but if this continues, I will be a little more direct:

Notice that I am still hedging my bets on Missouri/Nebraska. How utterly gutless of me, eh? Still, I want to see us play a game before I make a decision. That’s not too much to ask is it?

NORTH ----> If Missouri wins in Lincoln

1. Missouri
2. Kansas
3. Nebraska

4. Colorado
5. Kansas State
6. Iowa State

NORTH----> If Missouri loses in Lincoln

1. Nebraska

2. Kansas
3. Colorado
4. Kansas State
5. Missouri
6. Iowa State